Focus on Quantitative & DI for MBA

Nishatha Abraham Bijeesh updated on : 03 Mar 2014

Tips & Tricks to crack the Quantitative & Data Interpretation section.


The quantitative analysis and data interpretation section of an MBA paper is one of the most scoring and if prepared well, you half your MBA battle is won! Career experts have shared pointers on how to prepare for this section:

The key to solving quantitative questions is to have a good and thorough knowledge of basic maths concepts  ie, short cuts to answer questions.

For data interpretation questions, one has to be very comfortable with numbers, charts etc. and be very good with mental calculations, says Abhishek Jha of He further advises that one should try and practise a data interpretation problem everyday, reading and analysing stories which consist of graphs and pie charts in business sections of newspapers.

Jha says that one should start practising by taking individual sectional tests from sample papers, under strict time constraints and here one should focus on achieving accuracy, while concentrating on speed.A lot of these practice tests are found online.

Ajay Arora of TIME advises one must bookmark questions which appear familiar. “Try and attempt the question that are your strength. Among the data interpretation questions answer the caselets with which one is familiar with, and one can spend up to 4 minutes in analysing a caselet,” adds Arora. If after four minutes there is no progress in understanding then it would be wise to leave the questions, he says.

In this section, 16-19 attempts at questions with 90 per cent accuracy is enough to secure 97 percentile and above in this section. One must try and avoid making wild guesses, when attempting these questions and avoid negative marking adds Arora. 

Source: HT Education

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