CAT 2016: Dos & Don’ts for Exam Day

Hina Yadav updated on : 01 Dec 2016

With just 3 days to go for CAT 2016, here are some important tips that will come handy on the exam day.

CAT 2016

It is that time of the year again when management aspirants across the country prepare to take the toughest MBA entrance exam of India – The Common Admission Test (CAT). Yes, the big day for all MBA aspirants is now just three days away! CAT 2016 is scheduled for 4th December 2016, and it’s now time to prepare for the D-day to avoid any hassle at the last minute.

Appearing for the CAT exam can be really overwhelming, and those who are still not prepared for the day can consider the following points to have a relaxed experience.


1. Pay a visit to your examination centre in advance to get an idea of your travel time and make transport arrangements accordingly.

2. You should report at the examination centre by 7:30 am for the 9am to 12pm session, and by 12:30pm for the 2pm to 5pm session.

3. Arriving late for the examination may result in you being barred from the exam.

4. You must remember to carry at least two print outs of your admit card (Just in case!)

5. You must carry an original copy of your ID proof

6. Avoid carrying any items that are not required for the exam. There are no storage provisions at the examination centres.

7. Please note that anyone accompanying you for the exam will not be allowed inside the test premises, so make sure you make prior arrangements for them to wait, while you’re taking the test.


1. Check your test lab allocation, at the notice board, for your seat number and test allocating system

2. Your thumb impression and photo will be captured inside the test lab, and you will be asked to sign the attendance sheet.

3. Make sure your signatures on the admit card, ID proof and the attendance sheet match.

4. If you have opted for using a scribe, you must carry the duly filled Scribe affidavit which is available on the CAT website and your photo ID proof (original and a copy) of the scribe.

5. You will be provided with a pen and rough sheets at the exam centre itself. Make sure you mention your name and registration number on each rough sheet!

6. You need to return the pen and rough sheets at the exam centre before leaving.

7. Once you have logged in to the test screen, do read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

8. You must sign the declaration displayed on screen to open the test link.



1. Do not reach the test centre later than 8:45 am for the 9am session and later than 2:15pm for the 2pm session, as you will NOT be allowed in the test centre.

2. Do not carry mobile phones, earrings, any electronic gadget or blank papers, pen, pencil etc., these are not allowed inside the test centre.

3. Don’t spend too much time on a question. Move on!

4. Do not look around to other test takers and compare, just keep your eyeballs on your own test.

5. Do not apply any mehendi or cosmetic colours on your palm side before the exam day, as it can cause hindrance in scanning your digital finger print scan.

6. You must use only the mouse to mark your answers, do not touch the keyboard.

7. Do not log in to the test screen before the invigilator instructs you to do so.

CAT exam information:

There will be three sections in the question paper.

1. Section 1 will be VARC (Verbal and Reading Comprehension)
2. Section 2 will be DILR (Data interpretation and logical reasoning)
3. Section 3 will be Quant (Quantitative Aptitude)

• The Quant section will carry both MCQ and Non-MCQ questions. Please note that MCQ questions will have negative marking but Non-MCQ questions will not.

• For Non-MCQ questions, you will be provided with a virtual keyboard.

• The total time for the exam is 180 minutes. For each section, you will have 60 mins. And extra 20 mins. for each section will be given to PWD candidates; so for them the total time will be 240 minutes.

• The screen will display a timer for the entire duration of the exam, showing you the remaining time. The moment 60 minutes are over, the section will get submitted automatically and you will be moved to the next section.

• You will be given an option to leave questions for later, in case you wish to solve the easier ones first.  For that, you will need to mark those questions for ‘review’, so that you can attempt them later. Make sure you do return to those questions within the time limit of the section, since at the end of the session time, those questions will be considered answered whether you have reviewed them or not.

• And last but the most important instruction - You will not be provided breaks.

Make sure you have ample amount of rest and are well fed before the exam. You will need the energy to sit and focus for those crucial 180 mins. Follow all the instructions so you can give your CAT exam on 4th December, 2016, without any stress!

Good luck!

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