CAT is an exam of strategy; not intelligence – Avidipto Chakraborty CAT 2016 Perfect 100 Percentile Scorer!

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 07 Jul 2017
541 reached out to the CAT 2016 topper, Avidipto Chakraborty, and took his words of victory. Here's his journey to success!

CAT 2016 Topper, Avidipto Chakraborty, CAT  Topper

CAT 2016 result might not be that good for all but great for many, and to tell you all, we have 20 candidates with perfect 100 percentile, with no candidate from fairer sex finding a place in the league. Nevertheless, it seems quite a good number and it is great to hear these many made it to the 100-percentile league. One of them is Avidipto Chakraborty, who has scored a perfect 100 percentile in CAT 2016. Avidipto hails from Kolkata and is currently pursuing a dual degree course in B.E. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Economics from BITS Pilani, Goa. Here is a tête-à-tête with Avidipto Chakraborty which may help CAT 2017 aspirants in their preparation.    

HTCampus: First of all congratulations for a perfect 100 percentile! Can you please tell us something about yourself?

Avidipto: I hail from Kolkata and am currently pursuing a dual-degree course from BITS Pilani, Goa. While pursuing this course, I developed an interest in Aptitude Exams and thought of attempting CAT 2016. However, I had very little time at my disposal as I had to start with my internship from July 2016.

HTCampus: What inspired you to pursue MBA?

Avidipto: I was pursuing a dual-degree Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Masters in Economics course, but I had little interest in coding. Hence, I opted for my internship in finance with a bank in Mumbai. My goal now is to make a career in consulting. That’s why I decided to go for CAT 2016.

HTCampus: Did you take any special coaching for CAT 2016?

Avidipto: No, because I believe in learning through mock tests.

HTCampus: How many hours did you devote for preparing CAT 2016?

Avidipto: I don’t believe in devoting a specific number of hours each day and I used to give at least two mocks each weekend and complete its analysis during the weekdays to prepare for CAT 2016.

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HTCampus: How did taking mock tests help you prepare for CAT 2016?

Avidipto: Mock tests are the best thing one should consider. I used to take two mock tests every weekend and analyse my performance during the weekdays. This helped me learn from my mistakes.

HTCampus: How did you find CAT 2016 exam?

Avidipto: It was on the tougher side. Although Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension has always been my strength, yet I found this year’s exam to be quite deceptive. I still managed to score 100 percentile in this section. The DI & LR section was too tricky and time-consuming. The Quantitative Ability, on the other hand, was easy.

HTCampus: Who do you credit your success to?

Avidipto: At first, I would like to give credit to my parents who were very liberal and supportive. Apart from them, I would like to thank my friend Ayush, whom I met online. He helped me a lot in preparing as we gave mock tests together. He was a constant source of inspiration and has scored 99.99 percentile in CAT 2016.

HTCampus: Which B-school do you look forward to join and why?

Avidipto: I will try for IIM Ahmedabad at first as it is internationally acclaimed and has a good reach. My second choice will remain ISB Hyderabad.

HTCampus: What is your dream job?

Avidipto: As I currently have a job offer from McKinsey & Co. that I want to consider. Therefore, I may opt for the deferred admission policy to join an IIM after two years.

HTCampus: Your wise words for those who didn't make it this year and those who will try next?

Avidipto: Students should try and learn from their weaknesses and take a lot of mock tests. I sincerely believe that CAT is an exam of strategy and not intelligence. Moreover, be mentally prepared to face any circumstances, don’t get demoralised, try and seek suggestions from those who’ve cleared the exam this year. In addition to this, test series from TIME and IMS help a lot.

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