CAT 2017: Last Minute Preparation Tips

Rajat updated on : 15 Nov 2017

Only few days are left for CAT 2017. Here are last minute preparation tips for CAT 2017 which will tune up your preparation which you have done so far.

CAT 2017: Last Minute Preparation Tips

CAT 2017 is just few days away and now every candidate must have completed their preparation schedule. All the MBA aspirants who are planning to make it to IIMs and other top ranked B – schools of the country, must have given their best for CAT preparation. But last minutes preparation tips for CAT are very important. As it is often observed that everything cools down in the last lap. Therefore, one needs to continue the preparation with such a conviction that the preparation which will be done in these few days will mark a significant change and will work as a booster. It is assumed that all the aspirants must have done 90%+ preparation of CAT which means the peak has been attained. In such situation, some last minute key tips for CAT preparation are needed which can give the candidates a crisp and quick strategy. Though whatever candidates have prepared so far is highly valuable, these last minute CAT preparation tips will help them score top.

With only few days left in hands, it’s time to utilize the left time in the best possible way. This is the time which the candidates should invest in last minute preparation of CAT 2017. It has been observed that many students become anxious and nervous. One needs to avoid getting nervous and anxious as it will further hamper the entire preparation. No doubt, the competition is going to be tough and candidates need to prepare very hard all the time. But every preparation works on some strategic plans. Studying day and night is good but now it’s the time when candidates should be doing something different. Rigorous preparation is almost done and quick tips and tricks for CAT preparation at last moment will help you get through this competition. Smart preparation is the first thing which should be done now considering that CAT 2017 is looming close. Now, the question here is what strategy should be opted to get success in CAT 2017?

Last Minute’s Preparation Tips to of CAT

These tips will strategize the performance and will turn it into performance. We have listed some last minute CAT preparation tips for the candidates with help of which they will gain confidence. With the help of these, candidates will not only improve their sectional score but overall score as well. These are very helpful for fine tune of whatever the candidates have prepared so far. Following are some of the major CAT preparation tips for last moment which are practical and will surely help the candidates.

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Focus more on mental practice

Rather than depending on on – screen calculator, one should focus more on mental calculation. This is the last minute preparation strategy shared by Prateek Bajpai who topped CAT with 100 percentile. Make mental practice a habit and start doing calculations of routine life without help of calculator. Use mental calculator. This is will also strengthen your quantitative aptitude and data interpretation skills.

Focus on TITA (Type in the Answer) Questions

Harshit Goswami scored 98.01 percentile in CAT 2015. He advises the candidates to target all the non multiple choice questions before attempting MCQs. The main reason is that non – multiple choice questions don’t come without negative marking. So, it’s better to start with less risky area. If answers are correct, you are a winner but if you attempt a wrong answer, you don’t have anything to lose. He further said that it’s better to get 0 rather than answering questions with random guesses and get – 1 mark which is even worse than 0.

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Develop new and Quicker Ways

One should learn from his/her own mistakes. For solving faster, one needs to develop new and faster ways for solving the questions. These tricks can be developed by regular practice of sample papers and CAT mock series. Once you understand the concept of the question, you can sole the question easily and faster. This way you can develop new strategy and you will also save your time in the exam. You should devise your own strategy for CAT.

Focus on accuracy and speed

Instead of learning any new concept in these rest of days, one should focus more on what’s in hands and in this context working on speed and accuracy is very important. You need to ensure how good you are at speed in sync with the accuracy. According to Ananth Radhakrishnan, who scored 99.85% in CAT, this exam depends on two major things i.e. your speed and your accuracy. Synchronization between your speed and accuracy will make you score well in CAT 2017. It is a fact which toppers also admit that CAT isn’t a tough exam but candidates find it difficult due to the time limit.  There is no doubt in saying that speed and accuracy are the paramount of success in CAT.

Analysis of CAT Mocks

Revise and strengthen the areas where you feel you are weak. You need to find out more areas where you need more and more practice. You should review all the tests which you have taken to know where you are lacking behind. You have to perform equally well in all the areas covered in the exam, hence you need to know all of our weakness so that you can eliminate them within the time else these can create problem during exam. Many candidates stop taking mocks during this time and only focus on the analysis so that all weak areas can be identified.

Strategy for DILR

Pranjal Agarwal who scored 100% in CAT 2017 suggests that DILR can be little tricky so in these rest of the days one should start developing strategies to overcome the problems of this section. Avoid rushing to the answers. For logical reasoning section, it is better to adopt elimination strategy for the questions. With this, you can eliminate unfeasible options, sequences which are given in any question. By this you will get single combination which will be correct. There is no shortcut for this section, hence it’s all what and how you prepare. One way to score well in this section can be by improving your speed.

If you get stuck at a question, just leave and pick next one

You will find some questions where you may have to struggle a lot for answer. In such situations, it’s better to leave and move on to other one. The main concern is to go better time management in CAT. If you spend too much time on a single question, you will lose time for other questions and this will disturb schedule affecting your performance. This is very important last minute preparation tip for CAT. You have get time; you can always return back and check. No matter how hard you have prepared but if you are not able to solve the question, simply leave it. 

1-2 Days before the Exam:

  1. Maintain a relaxed schedule on the day before the exam, to fully focus on the exam day.
  2. Indulge in a non-stressful, harmless pastime – yoga, meditation, reading etc - for some time.However, do not indulge physically or mentally harmful activities e.g. trekking, binge eating
  3. Never attempt a mock on the last day. It reduces your intensity during the actual exam. Also, if you do badly in that mock, you may lose confidence before the big day.
  4. If you have made study notes, revise them for some time in the day, but not for too many hours.
  5. Re-check all the documents that you require for CAT. Have your admit card, confirmation e-mail, multiple ID proofs (with photocopies), two to three photographs handy. Don’t leave this check for the last day.
  6. Definitely visit the exam centre 1-2 days before the exam, ideally to reach at a time similar to your exam timing. Identify the best possible route, mode of transport, problem areas (if any) to reach the centre.

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On the Exam Day:

  1. Reach at least 60-90 minutes before the exam start time. Use your exam centre recce from the previous day to plan out your trip.
  2. Do not carry too much material to the exam centre, as some centres don’t take responsibility for your bags and other material.
  3. Do not cram too much on the exam day. You can revise your notes but don’t mug up formulae.
  4. Go through the entire tutorial provided by the CAT authorities. Any time that you save from the tutorial will not get added to your test. Completely acclimatise yourself with all the screens and features of the test interface.
  5. In each section, avoid attempting questions in chronological order. Take a few minutes to scan the entire section, and identify the questions and sitters that you can attempt first.
  6. Do not spend more than 3-4 minutes per question. If you can’t grasp the concept of the question in 1-2 minutes, leave it for the time being and come back to it later.
  7. After your exam, do not try to over analyse the paper pattern of the previous or next slot. This will not change your performance and scores.

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 You can segregate your section wise preparation of CAT in the following manner on the basis of your performance in mock tests:

  •  Topics in which your accuracy is high but attempts are law: In this situation, you can always trust on mock tests.
  •  Topics where your accuracy is low but your attempts are high: In this situation, you are required to solve questions with high difficulties   only.
  •  Topics where you may have to skip questions: For this situation, you need to practice all the chapters from the basics. You never know what can be asked in the exam; hence skipping is no good choice.

You will get even less than 2 minutes in the exam for reading, analyzing and solving a question. So, you need to be prepared, faster so that you can answer the question in the scheduled time. If you are spending more than two minutes, then you are wasting time. Two minutes are more than sufficient to be spent on any question.

Have a look at the following tips for last minute preparation tips of CAT which you can utilize in the last few days

  •  It is not required to study and practice all the topics every day. But you can start with one assignment, solve it, finish it, and analyze it and then move on to the next one. This way, you will be able to equalize your preparation by maintaining balance. You should also focus on the systematic preparation of the all the sections, all the topics and all the areas.
  • If this is your second time and you have previously prepared for CAT, then you should better start analyzing your weaker and stronger areas. This way, you will save time too. Strong areas won’t take too much time and you can devote enough time to your weak areas so that you can turn them into your strong areas.
  • Take advices and feedbacks. But you should know that every have their own opinion. One size never fits everyone. In the end, you should have a strategy of action plan for preparation.
  • Hold your all preparations before a day or two of D – Day. It’s time to little unwind yourself after putting so much of efforts in preparation. Avoid any pressure any pressure and have a peace of mind.
  • Practicing too many mocks when the exam is too close isn’t something which you should be doing as it is never ideal.  Rather, you should spend on analyzing your CAT mock test performance which you have taken so far.

While you are putting all your efforts in the preparation, one very important last minute tip for CAT preparation is that you should not forget to take enough rest. The main point is to reach the exam centre with a fresh mind. CAT exam is about strategies in action and experts say that strategies play 40% role in CAT whereas knowledge accounts for 60%. Therefore, one needs to act smart to do well in exam.

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