CAT 2016: Last Minute Preparation Tips

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 02 Dec 2016

Following are some useful pointers that CAT aspirants can consider to improve their performance on the exam day.

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With just two days to go for the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016, there is a lot of anxiety among students who will be taking this popular management entrance exam this year.

CAT is scheduled to take place on December 4, 2016. It is conducted every year by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

As the D-day comes closer,  students are doing the best they can in the remaining time to boost their exam performance. Since this is a crucial time for all CAT aspirants, Mohit Goel, CEO, has doled out a few pointers that can be used by candidates to improve their performance on the exam day.

1-2 Days before the Exam:

  1. Maintain a relaxed schedule on the day before the exam, to fully focus on the exam day.
  2. Indulge in a non-stressful, harmless pastime – yoga, meditation, reading etc - for some time.However, do not indulge physically or mentally harmful activities e.g. trekking, binge eating
  3. Never attempt a mock on the last day. It reduces your intensity during the actual exam. Also, if you do badly in that mock, you may lose confidence before the big day.
  4. If you have made study notes, revise them for some time in the day, but not for too many hours.
  5. Re-check all the documents that you require for CAT. Have your admit card, confirmation e-mail, multiple ID proofs (with photocopies), two to three photographs handy. Don’t leave this check for the last day.
  6. Definitely visit the exam centre 1-2 days before the exam, ideally to reach at a time similar to your exam timing. Identify the best possible route, mode of transport, problem areas (if any) to reach the centre.

On the Exam Day:

  1. Reach at least 60-90 minutes before the exam start time. Use your exam centre recce from the previous day to plan out your trip.
  2. Do not carry too much material to the exam centre, as some centres don’t take responsibility for your bags and other material.
  3. Do not cram too much on the exam day. You can revise your notes but don’t mug up formulae.
  4. Go through the entire tutorial provided by the CAT authorities. Any time that you save from the tutorial will not get added to your test. Completely acclimatise yourself with all the screens and features of the test interface.
  5. In each section, avoid attempting questions in chronological order. Take a few minutes to scan the entire section, and identify the questions and sitters that you can attempt first.
  6. Do not spend more than 3-4 minutes per question. If you can’t grasp the concept of the question in 1-2 minutes, leave it for the time being and come back to it later.
  7. After your exam, do not try to over analyse the paper pattern of the previous or next slot. This will not change your performance and scores. wishes you all the best!
Contributed by Mohit Goel, CEO,

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