CBSE 10th Board Exam Returns from 2018

Sarika Rana updated on : 21 Dec 2016

CBSE class 10 board exam is returning from the academic session 2017-18. The board also makes three Indian languages compulsory. Read on to know the scoop!

After much talks about the CBSE 10th class board exam to be restored, the central government has reinforced it from the academic year 2017- 18. Class 10th board exams will be on for all the schools affiliated to CBSE – standing as India’s largest national school test conducting body. CBSE has  also made it mandatory to take up three Indian languages. 

HRD minister, Prakash Javadekar, informed about the decision in an informal conversation with reporters after a meeting with the Rajasthan education minister. The decision is marked as the first and biggest one for the HRD minister ever since he took over in July this year. CBSE class 10 board exams were scrapped in 2010 and replaced with the current comprehensive evaluation system that is all about providing tests and grading through the year just to reduce the pressure on the students.

Other than introducing CBSE class 10th board exams, the HRD minister also said that the state governments will be given authority to reintroduce class V and VIII board examinations. A proposal for the same will be introduced in the cabinet and then in the parliament. This step is taken in direction to improve the quality of education in government schools.   

The reason for reinstating the of the class 10th board examination is the continuous feedback from representative organizations, states, teachers and parents about removing class 10th from board exam and the inclusion of no-detention policy is affecting the standard of education negatively. However, the fact here worth noticing is that studies indicate that the number of students drop-outs has reduced.

Other than this the HRD minister is also likely to make another important announcement anytime soon about the ‘no detention’ policy 25, whereby students will be automatically promoted to the class 5th level. The state will then use their options until class 8th. However, they need to provide retest option for students who fail.

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