CMAT Preparation Tips 2018

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Candidates planning to pursue MBA from top B - schools of India need to prepare well for CMAT 2018. This post provides CMAT preparation tips 2018 to MBA aspirants so that they can prepare accordingly to crack CMAT 2018.

CMAT Preparation Tips 2018
A big question for Common Management Admission Test aspirants is how to prepare for CMAT 2018? And students who are planning to apply for CMAT 2018 often remain baffled up with so many balls in the air at the same time. There always a need of clear, transparent guidance on what should be the preparation strategy of CMAT 2018? As we all know, this is among the most prestigious MBA entrance examinations in the country and a huge number of students appear for this exam. In this situation, every candidate is willing to score maximum. In order to crack CMAT 2018, one needs to prepare an action plan for CMAT 2018 according to which s/he can prepare in order to get admission in top B – school of the country. Though, there isn’t any particular, definite rule for CMAT preparation, but there are CMAT preparation tips 2018 which have been structured for CMAT 2018 aspirants. These CMAT Preparations Tips will surely assist the students to get through this exam. With the help of CMAT preparation tips, securing admission seat in top B – schools can become an easy task. In the article here, we will discuss some of the best and most important CMAT Preparation tips 2018 to guide the students on how to crack CMAT exam 2018? 
All India Council for Technical Education hasn’t yet officially announced CMAT 2018 exam dates, but we have prepared the schedule on the basis of previous years’ trends and experts’ suggestions, candidates preparing for CMAT 2018 can check the list of CMAT important dates by clicking the link given below. Also, before moving to CMAT preparation tips, candidates are advised to go through CMAT exam pattern so that they can understand the exam style and structure, which will help a lot in designing CMAT preparation strategies. 
Click here for CMAT Important Dates 

CMAT Preparation Tips 2018

CMAT 2018 is a three hours computer based online examination which is going to be held in the last week of January 2018. In order to understand how to prepare for CMAT, let us first have a look at exam syllabus of CMAT 2018. There are range different topics which are covered in CMAT exam. Thus, the students are required to prepare for every topic, every section with depth. The students who have prepared for CAT as well, it will be a great help for them exam syllabus of both the exams is somewhat similar. Talking about CMAT preparation tips 2018, it is very important for CMAT aspirants to go through every topic separately so that they can prepare well for CMAT 2018. Let us first go through the topics which are covered in CMAT 2018, so that we can talk about CMAT preparation tips 2018 individually on each topic.

How can CMAT Mock tests help in CMAT preparation 2017?

With the help of CMAT mock tests, you will get real test like situations. Taking CAMT mock test should be an important port of your CMAT preparation strategy 2018. It is the best way to improve time management skills. Practising CMAT mock tests will make you familiar with the navigation, layout and screens of the actual CMAT online test 2018. It will help you identify your weak and strong areas so that you can work upon them accordingly. Speed and accuracy are two main factors which highly influence your CMAT percentile and you can always improve these both factors with the help of CMAT mock test.  
Topics covered in CMAT are
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Analysis and Data Interpretation 
  • Language Comprehension 
  • General Awareness 
Now let us discuss every CMAT topic individually for CMAT preparation tips:
As per the exam pattern of CMAT 2018, logical reasoning section is expected to contain 25 questions. Every correct answer of the question will award you four marks. Hence the total marks in this section are 100. Followings are some of the main topics which can be covered in this section. 
  1. Analogy Test 
  2. Inferences 
  3. Sequencing 
  4. Cause and effects 
  5. Ranking tests 
  6. Coding and decoding 
  7. Number series 
  8. Linear arrangement 
  9. Statement assumptions 
  10. Matrix 
  11. Direction and Distance 
  12. Cause and effects 
  13. Nonverbal reasoning

Basic Tips for Logical Reasoning Section 

You need to go through the questions very carefully. A regular practice of logical reasoning section will help you understanding the questions in brief. The questions asked in this section are very tricky ad you need to understand how and why a question is incorrect or correct. This can be covered well by practising reasoning.
  • Avoid predicting information which a question doesn’t have. You should only pick – up the information which is given in the question. You can come to know about it by reading the passage.
  • You should always read the factual passages. There will be questions on sentence completion. You need to read the instructions given for them carefully.
  • You should ensure that you are reading the responses very carefully before you select any one. 
  • You should always refer to previous years’ question papers.
  • Stay calm minded. You can’t solve a puzzle without peace of mind. 
  • Always look for words such as only, other than, unless, including etc. while you solve any question. Also, same way, look for words with negative prefixes such as un, non, dis etc. 
You can start preparing for logical reasoning by practising diagrammatic IQ tests and learning problem solving tricks on regular basis. Though this section is diverse enough to confuse you and almost the same is covered in CAT exam as well, hence you need to pick the right study material for this. Following are the CMAT preparation tips for logical reasoning section (LR). 
First you need to understand the exam pattern of LR
The primary step towards building a preparation strategy for any exam is to understand the exam pattern at first. Understanding the exam pattern will give you a good start to your preparation and good start is half done. This way, the smart students will get enough hit for preparation. Though there are several topics mentioned above in this section, there are several ways to prepare them. It is said that in recent years, there have been less questions on topics such as direction sense, number letter series etc. but not even a single topic should be left untouched
Time management is very important
One of the most factors is time management, which not only for this particular section but also for all the sections of CMAT 2018. As this section is very tricky, so it will consume little more time as compared to other sections. But you can overcome this challenge by use straight, strategic approach of problem solving. While attempting questions, you should always build a time – limit strategy. For example, you can divide time while answering question such as 40 seconds spent on solving puzzles, 30 seconds on solving family relation question, 40 seconds on directions and distances etc. If you make it a regular practice strategy, this will surely help you a lot in saving a lot of time in the exam. Here, you can strategize things on the basis of your strength and weakness.
Let us now move to Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation 
Quant section too is comprised of a long list of topics. Hence we should take a look at the main topics before we move to CMAT preparation tips 2018. 
  • Mensuration 
  • Ratio and proportion 
  • Allegation and Mixtures 
  • Pipes and cisterns 
  • Simple and Compound interest 
  • Time and work 
  • Probability 
  • Probation 
  • Number system 
  • Percentage 
  • Fraction and decimals 
  • Graphs and Charts 
This section is mostly dominated by quantitative aptitude section. Data interpretation questions are less as compared to quant. And the difficulty level of this section is moderate to difficult. The total numbers of questions asked in this question are 25 and each correct answer will reward you 4 marks. Hence the total marks of this section are 100. The overall difficulty level of this section is moderate hence you can you solve it with less efforts. If you have been a maths student for long time, you just need to polish up your fundamental concepts and can you score well in this section. Moreover you should be quick in calculations, at time they can be time consuming. 

Check out some CMAT preparation Tips and Strategy for Quant Section 

  • For number system, you should be clear about the concepts. 
  • Arithmetic covers several topics, but looking at last few years’ papers, not many questions have been raised. 
  • In last three years, questions from geometry have been asked frequently. 
  • In miscellaneous topics, you can be asked trigonometry, logarithms and set theory; hence you should prepare them from previous years’ CMAT sample papers. 
  • Algebra is said to have been given a great attention in last three years in CMAT, so considering this, you should focus more on this topic. 

Planning Preparation Schedule for Quantitative Aptitude Data Interpretation Section 

The very first thing is not to leave any topic untouched. You should always cover all the topics. And for this, you need to develop a day wise CMAT preparation strategy. You can divide the topics in days and can start preparing as per the schedule. Check out the following basic idea of quantitative aptitude and data interpretation preparation schedule given below:


Number of Days


4 Days

Number Days

3 Days


5 Days

Miscellaneous Topics

4 Days


5 Days

This is just a basic idea to make you understand how you can develop your own strategic action plan for CMAT preparation of quant & data section.

Starting CMAT preparation with basics of Quant 

A key strategy for exam preparation is to strengthen the basic concepts. And for this you need to start your practice with basics and fundamental concepts. Most of the times, this section is directly based on basics hence, if your basics are strong, you will surely score well in this section. Pick up the examples and start solving the problems. You should use the concepts in solving these questions and always start with easy questions at first and then you can move to harder ones. A strategic way to structure your preparation plan is to put focus on your weakness. You should always practise, learn and revise the topics you are not good at. 

Some basic CMAT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 

Always be prepared with basics, formulas and fundamentals. Don’t postpone anything on any other date. Last moment preparation without proper plan creates problems. So always do things when you have enough time. 
CMAT mock tests are the best way to strengthen your CMAT preparation 2018. Practise as many mock tests as you can. Apart from mock tests, you should also practise CMAT sample papers, CMAT online tests, and previous years’ CMAT question papers. You should invest at least two to three hours minimum on these CMAT question banks. 
  1. Using calculator is a good thing, but too much dependence on it can reduce your manual calculation speed. Though you will get an on – screen calculator, but it is always good to use your brain.
  2. A good way to strengthen your skills in this section, you can always use time limit while solving quant questions. This will help you catching up good time speed with accuracy. 
  3. Short cuts are always helpful in case of tricky and confusing questions. 
  4. One shouldn’t guess any answer. NO RANDOM GUESS. 
  5. In case of DI questions, always use the figures and facts given along with the questions. 

CMAT Preparation Tips for Language Comprehension

The verbal ability section in CMAT is known as Language Comprehension. There will be 25 questions and every question will have four marks as per the previous years’ CMAT trends. Language comprehension section in CMAT will have the following main topics:
  • Idioms, full in the blanks etc.
  • Expression based questions with idiomatic/statement expression. 
  • Questions based marking the correct choice of similarly/confusing words. 
  • Analogy – relationship words 
  • English Grammar 

Basic Tips for Language Comprehension Preparation 

  • You should regularly read English newspaper, good novels and magazines. This enhances your vocab and language data. 
  • Pick up the difficult words which you don’t know and refer to the dictionary for help. You can prepare synonyms with the help of the dictionary. 
  • When you sit for solving comprehension passages, you should always keep few things in mind. The first thing is you should understand the meaning of the passage. Second, you should organize the thoughts and ideas while you are reading the passages.  Third, always try to manage the time, time is very important and if you can manage it effectively, you can ace CMAT 2018 with your preparation. 
  • Para jumbled can be little tricky but can be solved on the basis of understanding them completely. 
  • Avoid last moment preparation. Read CMAT blogs, CMAT forums. 
  • In order to excel in this section, these CMAT preparation tips are much help as they make help you should your regular study plan for preparation. The vocabulary usage of this section, mainly tests vocab skills on the basis of questions such as antonyms and synonyms. For this you need to develop a strong vocabulary. 
Topics in Grammar
English grammar is one of the main sections in any competitive examination. Check the following points to understand this part of Language comprehension:
Sentence correction: You need to replace the given bold words or parts of the clause with the help of four options which are given. You can be asked to solve any idiot which will be having incorrect syntax, verb, and tense or may be any other grammatical mistake. 
Writing: You will be asked to complete the incomplete sentences. You need to choose the most suitable option to complete the sentences. If you have good knowledge of grammar, you can easily solve. 
Clause correction: You will be asked to tell where the error is in the sentence. You will be given one to four options and one option no. 5 is for no error. 
Vocabulary Usage:
One of the major parts in the section of language comprehension is vocabulary. You can ace this part if you have strong vocabulary. As per the trends of previous years’ of CMAT, following sections are expected to be asked: 
  • Questions on synonyms and antonyms: There will be four options. And you need to pick up the option which is close to given word in similarity or vice versa. 
  • You will be given words (two or three) in a sentence and you need to select the correct word choice from the options given. 
  • Choosing a correct word in the given paragraph: There will be some important words which will be left out of the paragraph from the sentences. There will be options given and you need to pick the correct words and then accordingly you will have to mark them. 
  • Analogy: There will be word pairs given and there will be four options given. You need to select one word which has the closet relationship with the pair of words given in the questions. 
How to solve jumbled paragraph?
You can easily solve this part if your fundamentals are strong. You need to arrange and organization all the jumbled paragraphs in sequential and logical manner. Hence, this part of CMAT language comprehension checks your language understanding, reading and writing ability. This depends on how well you have studies grammar and how much knowledge of vocabulary you have.
This part of language comprehension evaluates your systematic and coherent understanding. You need to practice solving jumbled paragraphs through mock tests. You need to have a good command over vocabulary and it will be helpful if you read newspapers and editorials on a wide range of topics. Once you get the relation between any of the 2 sentences, you can solve out the rest.
Questions can be asked in following manners 
Idioms and phrases based questions: There will be questions based on idioms and phrases. You should have a general idea so that you can select the correct option. 
Expression based question: There may be a question based on proverb, message like thing. And you need to select an option which has the best explanation of that. 
Central idea of given passage: In order to answer this question, you need to read passage and understand the meaning of it. 

CMAT Preparation Tips 2018 for General Awareness

General awareness section contains 25 questions and the total marks in this section are 100. This section can be little challenging for students as there is no definite structure of the topics asked. You need to be in regular touch with the updates, newspaper readings and news. This section is very important and is asked in almost every competitive exam. In general for CMAT, this section deals with current events in national and international scenario. This can be related to politics, sports, entertainment, business, economics, world famous personalities etc. Hence, it can’t be prepared in just a night or two. For this you need to study these things regularly every day. With the help of CMAT mock tests, you can have a fair knowledge of the trend of this portion. 
In order to strengthen your GA section, you need to read these topics every day. You can at least spend two hours of your every day schedule on this section as it is very wide and there are always chances of missing out things. With the help of CMAT sample questions, you can develop a layout of commonly asked question in this section. 

Step by Step Planning for CMAT General Preparation Section

As we discussed above, this section has so many topics which can create problem for the students and it has the same weightage as other sections have. But you can prepare this section by following some study tips for this section. We can divide this section into two categories.  

Static General Awareness Topics

Current General Awareness


Economy, business and corporate events



Science and Technology

Social News

Indian Constitution

Environmental news and events

Companies and brands

Awards and prizes


World records, books and authors


Global news  and international events

The best way to prepare for this section is by 

  • Reading national newspapers, magazines 
  • Special attention on articles, editorials 
  • Watching news regularly 
  • Discussion on general awareness with candidates who are preparing for CMAT 

With the help of these CMAT preparation tips 2018, you will be able to score good percentile in CMAT 2018 examination. Keep visiting this page for more information. 

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