Complete Recruitment before M.Tech Admissions: IITs tell PSUs

Hina Yadav updated on : 15 Feb 2017

IITs have asked PSUs to complete their recruitment before the M.Tech admissions, to prevent students from withdrawing their admissions and vacant seats.

Complete PSU recrutiment before MTech admissions

IITs have asked the Public Sector Undertakings to finish their recruitment through GATE 2017 before the M.Tech admissions, to prevent M.Tech seats from going vacant and students withdrawing their admissions once they have jobs.

The IIT directors met the HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry officials and official representatives of PSUs in Mumbai this month to discuss this issue.

This move will help more students in securing admissions to M.Tech courses at IITs, instead of seats going vacant. Many students withdraw their M.Tech admissions once they get a job because of which around 25% seats in M.Tech go vacant.

The PSUs are going to discuss the matter with the government. PSUs recruit around 1,500 students each year from IITs, by October and the M.Tech admissions are completed by mid July.

Director of IIT Delhi, V Ramgopal Rao said that this move would be good since it will help in reducing the number of seats that go vacant each year, and admit more students to the M.Tech programmes.

In the previous academic session out of 8,000 M.Tech enrolled students, 2,000 withdrew their admissions. Around 1500 got jobs in PSUs like INGC, GAIL etc, and around 500 chose to go for private sector jobs.

The GATE exam scores are used for conducting M.Tech admissions a well as recruitment to Public Sector Undertakings.

The IITs most hit by this midway desertion are IIT Delhi, Mumbai and Madras, since students here get a better GATE score.

Prakash Javadekar, the HRD minister chaired the IIT council meeting and the issue of desertion was also discussed.

According to a source, a lot of preparation and investment goes into the MTech programmes and there are a large number of students who wait to get admission into the MTech programmes, and when students leave midway a lot of seats go vacant and wasted.

The meeting in Mumbai held at IIT Bombay, also discussed the idea for a Common Admission Portal (CAP) which should be introduced. This portal could have elements for both, PSU recruitment and MTech admissions, so selected students can make their choices on the portal itself and the response would reach both, the PSUs and the IITs.

This move might make it easier for the students to choose between their jobs and further studies and help IITs to admit more students in place of the vacant seats.

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