Is Computer Engineering lucrative in India?


Computer engineering is one of the lucrative career options among students for a considerable time now. It offers great career prospects and higher salaries than any other type of engineering.

Computer Engineering lucrative in India

India has been the major producer of engineers in Computer Science in the past decade and has been proving its prowess across the globe by contributing to the IT industry. The top positions Indian engineers are able to clinch in the Fortune 500 companies as the regulatory authorities are testimonials to the Indians’ finesse in the field of computer science. Top engineering colleges in India are eagerly looked at for the top class engineers graduating annually to be grabbed into the global conglomerates. However, it is an interesting question in respect to the scope for Computer Engineering in India all though it is an undisputed fact that global companies are beckoning Indians for top remunerations. The mushroom-like emerging computer science engineering colleges in Delhi and other metro cities is an evidence for the requirement India and the world have for the computer engineers.

However, it is apparent that there is a recession in the software field pushing the computer engineers to a lower level of jobs irrelevant to what they have pursued in the academics. The lucrative pay scales offered initially for the computer engineers paved a way for many engineering colleges in India and lack or regulations have encouraged the spurt of such mediocre colleges with sub-standards in quality. The huge production and lack of quality, in turn, led to the recession. It is also a fact that produce of good colleges is still held in high regards. With this, it can be understood that a good outcome will be a good input.

Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has called for campaigns such as Make in India and Digital India etc. This may increase the establishment of start-ups to a greater extent. Many reputed international organisations like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have established their organisations and manufacturing plants in India and are coming up with new branches as well eyeing the market for their brand in the nation. The advent of Internet and education has propelled the growth of entrepreneurship in India. New regulations on Work Visas in the USA owing to the newly elected President Mr Donald Trump may also influence many Indians who want to work abroad. All these factors are fuelling the requirement of computers engineers in India in the coming years.

Metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi are employing a majority of the computer engineers in the reputed firms and so is the demand for engineering colleges. The rise in Computer Science Engineering colleges in Delhi in the past 5 years is the evidence to show the compelling growth. As we have learnt that good colleges produce good engineers, it is advised to the students to opt for a better college to pursue the course. A college with perfect infrastructure like DPGITM has been proving exceptionally well by producing qualitative engineers annually ever since its inception and the campus placements in which the institute’s students have been roped in are the testimonials to its excellence.

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