‘Dance Like a Man’, a Play Which Left the Audience Awestruck at NU

HTCampus Expert updated on : 03 May 2016

‘Dance Like a Man’ is a play by Mahesh Dattani which depicted a story of a man in a woman's world.

‘Dance Like a Man’, a play by Mahesh Dattani left the audience spellbound in an evening at NIIT University.
The play was a story of a man in a woman's world, about reality and dreams, about ambition and one's family was portrayed immensely well. 
Mr. Manav and Ms. Rakhi, the heads of Five Elements Theatre group graced the event with their presence. Directed by Anshima P Srivastav with stellar cast Nikhil Nair, Mahima Maheshwari, Vidisha Bhate, Anshul Sharma, Rajat Rai, Aayushi Jain and Rahul Ranjan and music by Raghav Mittal, this was a brilliant play.
Source: Nirali Sampat, HTCampus Specialist 

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