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HTCampus Expert updated on : 16 Nov 2015

Special lecture was delivered by the Prof Natalia Polosmak at University of Kashmir - 2015

A discussion took place at the University Kashmir on last Tuesday, November 10, 2015. The Topic of the discussion was to ‘Bring Paradigm Shift’, HRD’s New Education Policy.

All the students and academicians of the University Kashmir delivered their views on the New Education Policy (NEP), which was suggested by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

The Consultative Committee procured ample information from students as well from teachers on the proposed policy for their consolidation and onward submission to the MHRD. Consultative Committee have been formed right from Panchayat, Block, District, State, Regional and National levels on the NEP also before adopting or executing this policy there will be 2.5 lakh meetings are proposed to be held at Gram Panchayat level across the country in which-

  • 6000 at Block level
  • 676 at District level
  • 100 at State level
  • 12 at National level

According to the Ministry, the consultation process is aimed to ensure that “an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach is undertaken, which takes into consideration expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research, stakeholder feedback, as well as lessons learned from best practices.

A brief summary was delivered by KU's Dean Academic Affairs, Prof Mohammad Ashraf Wani and Prof Tariq Kawoosa, Director Colleges J&K on the latest initiatives taken by the MHRD in “bringing a paradigm shift” in the policy for Higher Education.

During the meeting, a questionnaire based on 20 broad themes targeted at reforming the system of higher education were circulated among the participants who put forth their valuable suggestions and responses.

Following themes were circulated among the participants

  • Improving quality of regulation
  • Ranking of institutions and accreditations
  • Pace-setting roles of central institutions
  • Improving state public universities
  • Integrated skill development in higher education
  • Promoting online courses
  • Addressing regional disparity
  • Bridging gender and social gaps
  • Linking higher education to society and sustaining student support system

Apart from this well famed Russian Archaeologist Prof Natalia Polosmak has delivered a lecture at the University of Kashmir. The lecture was arranged by the Centre of Central Asian Studies (CCAS). She delivered a lecture on the topic of ‘New Archaeological Investigations’. Prof Polosmak is a distinguished scholar from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences.


Source Riyaz Khaliq, HT Campus Specialist


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