Distance MBA: How to Balance Work with Study!

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 24 Jan 2017

It is understandable that even distance MBA can be stressful while doing a full time job. To stay sane yet productive, it is important to plan and organise your schedule, seek support from others, stay refreshed with proper breaks, and set your priorities on a daily basis. Be proud of yourself while doing this, as not everybody is capable of handling work with higher study.

Distance MBA: How to Balance Work with Study!

Distance MBA-Distance learning is becoming a popular mode of gaining an MBA degree, especially when candidates are working professionals. The major advantage of it is that the learners can be flexible with their education while pursuing their full-time jobs. They can also get more time for their personal and family life, as well as can study at their preferred time of the day or night. However, it is easier said than done when a working professional has to make hard efforts at his/her job and needs to fulfil all personal responsibilities too. This can leave them drained out to devote regular time for further studies.

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Moreover, an MBA course is highly demanding, even if it is done via the distance learning mode. Thus, learners hardly get time to revise their study materials until examinations sit on their head. Some learners even have to delay or postpone their exams due to their imbalanced student-professional life. Thus, their overall quality of learning suffers, leading to hampered performance and no value addition to their skill set or personality. For all such students, we have some tips that can help them cope up with the pressure of both MBA and job, without getting stressed or losing their work-life balance.

Communicate Your Study Plan to Your Employer:

It can be useful to inform your boss when you want to take up a distance MBA course. While your eagerness for further education may be appealing to your employer, you may also get sponsorship if you have luck by your side. When you inform about your study plans to your boss in advance, then it may also help you with some flexible work arrangements while doing the course. Your company may have a study leave policy or may make some adjustments when it is a busy time like that of exams for you. Still, you always have something to gain if your employer knows about the benefits of your MBA for the organisation.

Organise Your Schedule:

When you start your distance MBA course, you do not need to complete everything in a hurry. You have taken this option so you can be flexible with your responsibilities. Thus, start by planning and organising your study and work schedule in sync. For instance, you should check your course outline, as well as assignment submission deadlines or exam dates. This helps you avoid the scheduling of critical professional tasks on busy days. For ease, plan your study and work goals and timelines at the start of a month.

Seek Support:

To maintain work-study balance, you should not shy away from getting support from people around you. Your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues are all part of your support system. For instance, you may share some work with a colleague or ask your boss to restructure your work schedule when you have to complete important assignments or prepare for exams. Similarly, you can seek your family members’ support in handling certain personal responsibilities for a while. It will only make your life easier.

Remove Distractions Around You:

Discipline is critical when you are pursuing a serious course like MBA. Do not take a distance MBA course lightly, as it is designed to be as rigorous as a regular course. Thus, maintain a study timetable and follow it strictly. At your study time, make sure that you are not distracted by noises, app alerts, television, or even your habit of checking social media from time to time. If you are studying at home, then keep your family informed of your study time so nobody disturbs you then. Select a quiet place or corner in your home where you can study at your best. Keep your gadgets switched off while studying.

Get Some ‘Me’ and ‘Family’ Time:

Working or studying constantly without a break can lead to burnout. You may even drop out of your course if you face stressful or pressure periods for long. Thus, give some time to yourself and take care of your physical and mental health too. Taking breaks after a spell of work or study can help you reenergize. Free time for your mind will also help the studied information to sink in. You should even take breaks with your family and have fun moments that can fill you with fresh energy.

Use the Downtime:

During the day, you perform several tasks that allow you to have small pockets of time. For instance, you may be waiting to pick up kids or may be travelling for work. You can actually use this time to your advantage. As an example, you can get ample study time if you are flying to some place for work or you can listen to an audio file while ironing your clothes. Find out such pockets of time in your schedule and make use of your downtime.

Set Your Priorities:

Know that you may not always fit everything in your schedule. Sometimes, you also need to postpone things or let them go. Create your To-Do list daily and prioritise it according to what is urgent and most important to attend. For example, if you have a business presentation today, then you may postpone your study to the next day when you will be lighter at work. You can also put on hold some domestic tasks, like cleaning, on the days when you have to do the rigorous study. Do not feel guilty if you cannot attend everything you planned to complete.

Use Technology to Your Advantage:

Technology can be of good use when you have to organise your schedule. Use planner or organiser apps that can help you in creating goals, setting timelines, and finding the best ways to achieve those goals. You may also use gadgets like iPad or Kindle to study anytime, anywhere. In a distance MBA course, you have a lot of online study material or assignments that you can handle while taking breaks at home or office.

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