Does Management Study Help in Making Lucrative Career?

Preeti Gupta updated on : 28 Nov 2017

Management is a lucrative career option with ample career opportunities in both private and government organizations. But doing MBA is beneficial only when you pursue it from a reputed institute. Read more about the course and its options in the article.

Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU)

A career is a lifelong commitment. It becomes very important to choose a profession that is rewarding in all aspects. There are a lot of options with students nowadays. A career in Management is a stable and reputed choice nowadays.

In Management, there are various emerging fields like Finance, Human Resources, Operations etc. which give a lot of options to students. There is a lot of healthy competition and scope for career growth in this field. This gives students industry exposure, and IMNU prepares them for the very initial stages of their career. Thus, students who would like to interact with the industry experts, start-up a new venture, or have high ambitions in business, should surely plan to pursue their academics in business studies.

A Management career is highly lucrative, competitive and requires a lot of passion from the candidate. There has been a major upsurge in the manufacturing and services sector, which has acted as a catalyst for management education. The scope of activities is very diverse, and MBA graduates have potential to be recruited in all the industries. Recent encouragement by the Government has boosted prospects, due to Make in India and increased FDI in all sectors.

In terms of employment generation, the services sector is the largest employer in India. Therefore, it is highly preferred by MBA candidates, as the prospects of a stable career are very attractive. With newer specialisations being added every year, the degree of innovation required has also gone up. Newer fields involve advances in Finance and Risk management, Big Data analysis, International Business, and much more.

Students with an MBA from a reputed institute can expect good prospects in India and abroad. Students need to be mentally prepared for a challenging road ahead. The global conditions are quite volatile and demanding. It is necessary that candidates focus on the basic concepts and applications of the subjects, as well as their own personality and communication. The institute plays a very important role in providing the right platform to the student. However, the candidate must not forget that it is ultimately a personal journey full of challenges.

Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU) Ahmedabad is among the top ranking institutes of the country. It has been, consistently, ranked among top 25 B-schools in the country by various ranking agencies. It has also entered into alliances/understanding with several national institutes and international Institutions/Universities like National Institute of Securities Markets, HOF University (Germany) etc. The Institute of Management embodies the principles of entrepreneurship, excellence, and professionalism. The campus infrastructure and amenities are comparable to any reputed University/ Institute in India.

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