Tips and tricks to make DU Admission Process Smooth

Vinod Sharma updated on : 16 Jun 2016

Those who eye for DU admission need to consider some easy but effective tips and tricks to ensure the entire process is less taxing and cumbersome.

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DU admission is one of the most cumbersome and taxing chores that students have to go through. Those who have cleared their 12th and graduation might surely have made their minds on pursuing further studies. However, as we all know that studying in DU University remains a dream of many. As soon as DU admission season begins, candidates run from pillar to post to ensure a seat in a course of their likings and college/s of their choice. Some of the students are lucky to get admission in DU. However; some have to toil harder than others to ensure their admission. Other than the necessary details, some simple but effective tips and tricks will also help you in a great way, particularly in a season that is all about withering heat. To know about them, consider reading the following lines.

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Do homework, set your preference

Before you embark on a journey to get DU admission, it is but necessary that you do homework. Take a time to plan you activities for the next one week altogether. Be mentally prepared and make a plan about how you will pursue admission in DU University. Before you actually do that, set your preferences. Based on your priorities and preferences, make your mind on the courses you would love to pursue before you get and fill a Delhi university admission form. Setting your preferences in advance will enable you to keep the hassles at bay that may otherwise torment you.

Gear up for the fatigue

Those who aspire for DU admission should know that it would be a taxing chore. You have to hop from one college to another, commute a lot, fill lots of DU admission forms and spend a lot of time, probably the entire day, out of your home. So be well prepared to face such a situation and carry the necessary paraphernalia along.

Keep the necessary document along

As a student who aims for DU admission or in any other college/university, you might surely need filling up various Delhi University admission forms in a single day. This would require you to carry all the necessary documents, pen, passport size photos, original certificate with photocopies to making the form filling process a breeze. Additionally, you can also fill DU online form to avoid stepping out of your home and bear the brunt of the heat.

Beat the heat

The admission process in DU University generally starts in the last week of May and remains on in June. Since it’s a summer time, you need to take measures to protect yourself in the hot and humid atmosphere. When you are out for DU admission, consider wearing only light coloured, loose clothes. Carry along ample water or constantly buy it on the move to ensure you have the right intake. In addition to this, juices and fruits on the go will not only help you beat the heat but also hunger. If you have your own transportation, it will save you valuable time and efforts that you otherwise need to invest to reach your destination.

Keep plan ‘B’ ready 

When you are on a hunt for admission in DU in a course of your choice, never lose hope if somehow you didn’t get a seat. Be always ready with plan ‘B’ and move on. This will enable you avoid the despair and being in a dilemma as what to do now. Make sure you apply for courses of your choice in different colleges. Following these easy tips and tricks will surely help you to keep you calm, remain healthy and make DU admission process easy.    

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