DU Colleges Not Prepared for Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 21 Mar 2016

Colleges are not sure about the implementation of CBCS since there isn’t much time left for the commencement of the new academic session.


In less than two weeks from now, the Delhi University (DU) will begin yet another academic session. As the University prepares to welcome fresh batch of students, there is still no clarity among colleges regarding the implementation of the choice-based credit system (CBCS).

A notification by the University Grants Commission (UGC) states that all universities should implement CBCS and semester system from the academic year 2015-16. However, the biggest challenge for colleges is that there is no clarity in terms of implementation of this system.

Over 60 colleges in Delhi University are offering bachelor’s degree courses in Science, Commerce and Humanities. Under the CBCS system, students would be provided a ‘cafeteria’ type approach where they can take courses of their choice, learn at their own pace, take up additional courses and acquire more than the required credits. Thus, they can adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

However, colleges are not sure about its implementation since there isn’t much time left for the commencement of the new academic session.

A senior faculty member from Lady Shri Ram College says, “We are not sure if it will be implemented this year. There are a lot of aspects related to CBCS such as allowing students to take up different subjects and moving from one college to the other. We have little clarity on these and it also has practical problems.”

Colleges are also worried about the shortage of resources.

Another college principal says, “We will have to rely on ad-hoc faculty and expand existing infrastructure to offer choices to students. Familiarisation workshops should be conducted for principals and teachers. We are yet to calculate workload and prepare laboratories and time tables. With over 50% teachers working on an ad-hoc basis, this means that we will wait for clarity before making recruitments.”

Also, there is no clarity on how the proposed changes will benefit students.

VK Kawatra, principal, Hansraj College, says, “The university has allowed admissions till August 14, which leaves just about two months for the colleges to finish one semester. And in these two months, we have to make room for other activities too such as seminars, tests, sports competitions, etc. as well. But we should accept CBCS if it is to be implemented.”


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