DU Likely to Refurbish College Admissions

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 18 Jan 2017

Delhi University is likely to announce a new set of reforms for the admission process this season. Read further to know the details.

DU Likely to Refurbish College Admissions

The Delhi University is set to announce remodelled reforms for the college admissions before commencing the 2017-18 academic session. However, it is expected that most of the reforms will not be implemented until the next session of 2018-19.

Some of the major reforms include an early admission calendar, entrance-cum-merit admissions criteria, and an online entrance exam similar to CAT.
Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor of DU said that the university is waiting for the recommendations of the admission committee. After that, the reforms will be up for a consultation with the stakeholders, including students, teachers, as well as people outside the DU system. He said that the university wants the system to be fair. He added that it was still very early to say whether these reforms will be implemented in this session.

It is believed that the applications for undergraduate admissions will likely be given out early this session. Tyagi said that DU is planning to advance the admissions by little over a month, giving the applicants a bigger window. Hence, the applications would roll out in April, which would include those of the four professional courses offered by DU at the undergraduate level.

However, the university officials say that an extended window for applications is likely to benefit only a handful of candidates, like those with a gap year and those hoping to shift from other colleges or institutions to DU. There was also a discussion over the five-year-old recommendation for entrance based undergraduate admission.

An online entrance exam for DU admissions looks far from being a reality as of now. A senior official from DU said that DU cannot handle the logistics right now the proposal is being carefully monitored.

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