DU Might Do Away With Cutoff System, Altogether!

Vinod Sharma updated on : 21 Jul 2016

Keeping the concerns of students in mind, DU is mulling over an option to replace the high cutoff list with an entrance exam to put all the aspirants on the level playing field.

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With the release of DU’s fifth and final cutoff list on July 20, 2016, thousands of hopes to get into any of the prestigious institutes under Delhi University dashed down to the ground. After all, what the good use of scoring 90 percent and above if that isn’t enough to get a seat in Delhi University. To address this concern of students, DU is thinking of coming with something substantial. With the release of fifth cutoff list comes the news that DU might do away with the cutoff system altogether. 

However, for the time being, the cutoff system is in vogue and DU is to consider replacing the system of setting minimum admission scores with an entrance test. DU is to seriously consider entrance test and all its aspects once the admission for the academic session 2016-17 are over and classes go on smoothly. Even if such a system comes into vogue, it won’t anytime earlier than next session. But, at least, students from next year onward, if the entrance exam introduced, will breathe a sigh of relief about being put on the level playing field. 

DU is mulling such a move after reports of many school boards being increasing marks resulting in too many students scoring high marks but still unable to get admission in any of the DU colleges courtesy to DU cutoff lists touching new horizons every year. Keeping this thing mind, DU is conducting meets to find a way for holding a single entrance exam for admission to more 75 colleges under the university. This will help Delhi University give a fair and equal chance of securing a seat in any of the DU colleges. 

Introducing such an exam wouldn’t be that easy, however. It requires a considerable work, keeping all areas of concern in mind and keeping the aspiration of students in mind. Secondly, conducting exam for a massive number of student, 3lakh plus applications for admission into 2016-17 session, will be a hard nut to crack. 

The same has been discussed with the Ministry of Human Resource Development and top official confirms that central universities can set their own admission policy. With this, chances of an entrance test replacing the cutoff lists become stronger. 

Meanwhile, the seats are available in many of the prestigious colleges under Delhi University are still open and the process to fill them up is on. Colleges and students have to complete the admission process by June 22, 2016.

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