DU Online Admission Process and Environmental Benefits it Brings

Vinod Sharma updated on : 01 Jul 2016

From this year onwards, DU admission process goes online. There are many benefits of online admission process, read about them in the following lines.

No matter how hard rickshaw wala, auto wala, juice wala, stationary wala and others scream about business loss from DU’s centralised online admission process, but the initiative has innumerable benefits and possibly, as far as we can see, no drawbacks whatsoever. The move has started a new era in the way DU admissions had been conducted in the past. There are great many benefits that DU’s online admission process has to offer and will possibly continue offering in the years to come.

DU online admission took the fatigue away from students

Let’s start with the students and they are the first to benefit from the DU’s online application process and, of course, the most. This initiative gave them an option to fill in the application form from the convenience of their living space without the need to step out in the scratching heat of sun, fall in line many times a day to take application forms, fill them, deposit the fee and finally submit the filled forms. The process also nullified the need to run from one college to another for filling and submitting multiple application forms, which in turn helped students to save a considerable time, money, efforts and above all, eschew the withering heat of summers.

Delhi air gets no additional fumes

Delhi is already struggling hard with the rising pollution levels. Therefore, it is safe to say that it didn’t have to accommodate more fumes than regular intake as student didn’t step out of their homes to fill in the forms. Had they have to follow and apply for seats in various DU colleges as in the traditional admission process, they have to run from pillar to post to gather the relevant information, documents, prospectus, application forms etc. This would have asked them to use their own or hire vehicles to suit their commutation needs, which in turn would have added to the emission level considerably.

Saved more than 4500 trees this year alone

Surprised? Well you’d have surely been and might have considered the statement a hoax too. However, it’s not. Had the process for admission at UG level not been online, it would have consumed approximately 72,000 rims of paper. In the lack of online admission process, Delhi University would have needed around 4 lakh prospectuses which would have included approximately four crore pages. This means, the online admission process has saved anywhere between 4500 to 5000 trees of average size this year alone. Just think how many of them the process will save in the coming years. Plus, conveniences for students to submit application and DU to managing the whole admission process with utmost ease come as added benefits.

Other savings made 

Apart from paper, the online DU online admission has also saved ink, electricity, printing cost and other things aside from the transportation required to take these items from one place to another. 

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