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Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 10 Jul 2017

With a mission to provide quality education and skill development in all spheres of higher education, D. Y. Patil Group believes in developing symbiotic relations with industry and other academic and research institutions to meet the expectations of various stakeholders.

D.Y. Patil School of Management

The D. Y. Patil Group is the only educational institute which believes in the principle of ‘from cradle to employment’. A student can enter the group as a child in its DY School and can leave as a post graduate in medicine, dentist or any health science or in engineering or even as a management expert.

The DY Patil University of Management (DYPUSM) which is a part of the D Y Patil University,  offers a  wide variety of programs, which are absolutely unique and industry-oriented.

The Vision of the School is:

“To become FIRST amongst Equals in the service of humanity through Education”.
In order to achieve this, the school believes and practices certain core values. These are stated below and are an intricate part of the school ethos.


  • Treat all stakeholders (especially students and employee) with RESPECT and   DIGNITY
  • STRIVE for EXCELLENCE in all that it does
  • STRIVE in building a spirit of TRUST with all stakeholders.

Based on the above vision and the core values, the objectives of the school are:

  • To impart contemporary knowledge to our students through state of art pedagogical tools and ICT based teaching learning methodologies
  • To prepare our students for a challenging career in industry, trade and commerce as managers, leaders and responsible corporate citizens in all walks of life.
  • To evolve a spirit of entrepreneurship and assist them in their venture.
  • To develop our students as potential teachers of high quality for higher education institutions.
  • To create a conducive learning ambience.
  • To nurture intellectual capital for nation building.
  • To build growth engines so as to provide sustainable competitiveness.

Being a deemed university, the university/school has a very strong Board of studies which comprises of students, industry personnel and faculties. The Board of Studies revises the syllabus on a regular basis and thus the course curriculum is in line with the requirements of the industry, the requirements of the UGC as well as those demanded by the stakeholders. Through an extremely robust process, the school through the Board of Studies and the Academic Council have introduced new courses like the MBA in Aviation Management, MBA in Health and Hospital Management, MBA in International Business, MBA in Biotechnology etc.

All the courses have inbuilt value-added subjects which make the participants' employment fit. Domestic and international visits are compulsory and included in the course curriculum. Additionally, one day visits to organisations are also mandatory.

Some of these programs are in collaboration with leading universities’ in and around India. Thus the School has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with for e.g. University of South Carolina, USA, University of East London etc. These MOUs are in the nature of faculty exchange, research projects, curriculum improvement etc. A few MOUs are in the pipeline with the Whos Who of the industry world. These MOUs are in the nature of research project collaborations.


Several studies conducted by various industry leaders as well as other stakeholders have indicated that more than 50 to 60% of the students are UNEMPLOYABLE. The issue is why? These studies have revealed several causes for this phenomena starting from syllabus mismatch to being ‘out of sync’ with the industry needs etc.

In order to avoid this,

The DYPUSM students are mandated to undertake live projects wherein they would have to work in an organisation for two days in a week every semester.

Around 40 guest lectures are conducted every year wherein leaders from the industry share their experience and thought processes.

Around eight national and international level conferences are conducted in a year where global leaders, CEOS are invited. The school in association with World Trade Centre and Indian Merchants Chamber have conducted several international guidance seminars as well as international seminars. For e.g. in association with the State of Pennsylvania, the school organised a seminar on ‘DOING BUSINESS WITH PENNSYLVANIA’ wherein more than 50 industrialists participated.

Case studies are regularly conducted wherein live INDIAN cases are discussed.

Additionally, emphasis is given in personality development of the student through regular classes on soft skills. Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) projects help in the holistic development of the student. Typically for e.g. DYPUSM had adopted a village for the manufacture of soya laddoos, for the manufacture of silk from cocoon to tassar silk etc.

Sports and cultural events are regularly conducted

Faculties are involved in writing research papers. More than 65% of the faculties have completed their PhD and the remaining are likely to complete the same in a few months from now.

Thus the industry benefits from ‘READY TO USE’ students. The industry has students who are ready to contribute from day one itself.


The curriculum, faculty and the industry institute interaction are the most important contributing factors which result in academic excellence.  A large number of research papers are published by DYPUSM in impact factor journals. The faculties also make presentations in several other colleges/universities thus sharing knowledge and developing knowledge which can then be shared with the students.

Learning Management Systems is an integral part of the learning process. Online journals like ProQuest, Sage and other database systems like CMIE etc are available which helps the students and faculties to understand the working of the industry better.
Through the anti-piracy software, plagiarism is completely avoided.

The DYPUSM mobile app, as well as the use of the LMS, SMSes, and LCD display, makes learning enjoyable.

360o feedback mechanism makes the faculty and the institution as a whole to keep improving continuously.

The offerings of the school are:

Undergraduate Program:

  • BBA in Marketing Management
  • BBA in Finance Management
  • BBA in International Business Management
  • BBA in Banking and Insurance Management and
  • BBA in Hospital Administration

Post-Graduate Program:

  • MBA in Marketing Management
  • MBA in Finance Management
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship Management
  • MBA in Sports Business Management
  • MBA in International Business Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in Health & Hospital Management
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management
  • MBA in Biotechnology Management
  • MBA in Banking & Insurance Management
  • MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Aviation Management
  • Part-time MBA
  • M.Phil and PhD



Several innovative methods of pedagogy are adopted by the school to make learning interesting and enjoyable. Thus for e.g. in the case of international negotiations and understanding, students are requested to meet any foreign citizen in a public place, initiate a conversation and record the same. The entire conversation including the softer aspects of the conversations is discussed in the classroom. The students have to record the discussions through a video presentation.

Social projects or institutional social responsibility programs help the students to understand the social fabric of the country.


The school has published several books written by the faculties. Some of them are:

  • Marketing Strategy and Application by Prof. Dr R. Gopal and Dr Manjrekar. (2nd edition expected shortly)
  • Case studies in Business and Industry Management in Indian Context by Prof. Dr. R. Gopal, Dr Rashmi Gopinathan and Dr.Pradip Manjrekar
  • Other books in the pipeline are in the areas of Marketing Research and Marketing Finance.


The school offers 100% placement assistance. More than 250 organisations visit the school every year and around 30% of these organisations are repeated organisations visiting the school year on year. The last few years have seen almost 100% of the students being placed with very good salary packages.


DYPUSM help in creating Entrepreneurs through VIRTUAL E-CELL / INCUBATION CELL activities by:

Mentoring the potential entrepreneurs, helping them in preparing business plans and/or getting business loans including helping them get specialised help from organisations like IITs, VJTI, etc.


The school has been awarded several prizes from various institutions located all over India. The school has been awarded the second prize – Certificate of Merit – in innovation by the Higher Education Forum. The Indian Society for Training and Development have given DYPUSM an award in APPRECIATION for developing new generation management professionals.

The Strengths of the School

The school believes in knowledge creation and dissemination and most importantly in the holistic development of the student.

The School believes in STUDENT FIRST and is of the firm belief that EVERY STUDENT OF DYPUSM IS A SUCCESS STORY.

The Net Result

Several Organisations have ranked the school. Some of these are given below.

Typically, the Times has ranked us 11th in Mumbai, Outlook has ranked us 63rd, and Career 360 has ranked us 10th in Maharashtra etc.

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