Engineering – For a better, successful career!


Engineering offers a diverse range of branches that candidates can choose as per their career aspirations and likings.

Engineering – For a better, successful career!

Engineering is the skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific economic and practical knowledge in order to design and build structures, systems and processes. There are various branches in the course of B.Tech like CS, IT, AG, EC, EN, ME & CE. These branches provide a great opportunity for each student to make their future.

These branches have great scope for building the great future of students and for attaining good job the seeds of engineering are cultivate into students by providing knowledge of these branches.

Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies the principle of engineering, physics and material science or design, analysis maintenance and manufacturing. In civil engineering is the structural construction, planning and management. Both branches have scope in central government and also in state government. For making future in private sector the best branch is Computer Science and IT which is a study of design and operation of computer system software and hardware. Agriculture branch means a form of cultivation of crops by using scientific technologies and agriculture branch has a great scope in integrated farm management. EC and EN branch of engineering deals with the design practical application of machinery and equipment for efficient communication.

The seeds for excellence would be sown in minds of students as soon as they enter in the engineering course, this course will act as a catalyst in creating excellence in technical education by providing best training programs and opportunities for the best placements. The reach for excellence would also ensure the goal of students and become dedicated professional engineers with appropriate knowledge and skills capable of providing imaginative and technologically informed solutions to industry, academia and other professions.

Himalayan Institute of technology and management is one of the best institutes which offer various branches in the course of engineering that will be to provide every opportunity for each student to attain the best of their capabilities and create in them the desire to excel.  Our institute organizes job fairs every year for the best placements of students so that they convert their knowledge and degree into the earning process by placing themselves in recognized companies.


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