Engineering Colleges Must Have Online Complaints Redressal Mechanism: AICTE

Hina Yadav updated on : 29 Mar 2017

AICTE has asked engineering colleges to now have an online system for registration of complaints and grievances. Read more!

Engineering Colleges must have Online Complaints

As per the AICTE, the students and the faculty of the 10,000 engineering colleges of the country will now be able to register their complaints and grievances online. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has asked all engineering institutions that are affiliated to it, to implement an online system (if not in place already) for registering and disposing off complaints and grievances. As per the recent AICTE directions, the HRD Ministry has emphasised on the requirement of such an online mechanism, not just for the students, but for the faculty, staff and other college members as well.

This online system will be a determining factor at the time of AICTE granting the annual approval to an institution.

AICTE Chief Anil Sahasrabudhe while addressing heads of AICTE approved technical institutions said that, all institutions should be able to receive and dispose off grievances online.

As per the directions, all institutions will be required to put the details like the URL, names, contact numbers and e-mail ids of the grievance committee members of the new online complaint and grievance mechanism, up on a notice board near the office of the Head.

The regulator also said that a monthly report of the number of grievances received, disposed off and pending, need to be provided to AICTE.

AICTE also said that grievances not getting registered on the institutions’ portal results in more grievances getting registered on the central government’s portal, and this will also be an indication of the performance quality of the institutions’ grievance readressal mechanism.

AICTE will take into account the performance of the mechanism at the time of renewing annual permission or approval.

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