Engineering freshers were given a warm welcome by seniors of Jamia University

HTCampus Expert updated on : 17 Aug 2015

The Indian Society for Technical Education or ISTE JMI chapter took the upper hand to organize the event!

The engineering freshers were welcomed wholeheartedly by the seniors at Jamia Millia Islamia University who were ready to guide and befriend them. 
The Indian Society for Technical Education or ISTE JMI chapter was the first to do so. The orientation session of ISTE was held in August which proved to be a perfect ground for interaction between the freshers and the seniors. The session started with a light introduction of ISTE and the college. The session was anchored by the Electrical third year students, Nabeel and Sarah. The freshers were then briefed about the ISTE by the Faculty Advisor, Prof. A Q Ansari. It truly motivated them to join ISTE. For the overview of the college curriculum Prof. Majid Jamil Head of Department of Electrical Engineering delivered an insightful lecture. With all the things said, Firdaus Qasim, President of ISTE students’ chapter JMI, presented an interesting video on the past happenings of society. He interacted with the freshers and invigorated them to be a part of the family.
With all the formal proceedings done, next came a heavy laughing dose for the juniors. It was the phenomenal performance of stage artist Ayman and Yusra who entertained the crowd to the fullest. Next was the sensational performance of Firoz who played the guitar and mesmerized the crowd with his melody. The session was then concluded with the questions of the freshers whose answers were given promptly by the core committee of ISTE JMI students’ chapter.
The society hopes to foster the talents and interests of the juniors and provide them a platform for their skills and knowledge. And for this the society is hosting the grand annual technical fest Tripster in the coming month. The whole college is geared up to participate in the fest. The bubbling freshers seemed to be overly excited for the fest.
Source: Sarah Ansari, HTCampus Specialist 

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