Entrepreneurship- Creating a Next-Gen Pool of Ideas

Sarika Rana updated on : 06 Mar 2017

The past year holds a remarkable milestone in the extension of entrepreneurship in the Indian student community. How will apps help in giving students a new hope to build their dreams into reality! Check here!

Creating a Next-Gen Pool of Ideas

Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg share more than just being billionaires. They started their businesses while they were still students. However one takes it, the undeniable fact is that students at this tender age have a sharp refection on life; they are independent, experimental, holding a fresh perspective and bright reactions to various aspects of life.

With technological advancements taking place at the current rapid pace, students today, are born amidst constant technological innovations, whereas, their mentors-parents and teacher- are still learning to adapting to the ongoing tech revolution. Millennials have more exposure, in distinct fields, ranging from technology, science, and arts. They are brimming with ideas, but there is a dearth of channels where they can share, engage and discuss invigorating ideas and thoughts.

With the intent to seed the early imagination in the minds of students, “Glorifire” – the idea platform was conceptualized. Glorifire is a digital platform where ALL STUDENTS can find support to realize their dreams of developing their IDEAS AND PROJECTS.

The past year holds a remarkable milestone in the extension of entrepreneurship in the Indian student community. Every student today has a drive and desire to start their own business. With the intent to seed the early imagination in the minds of students, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of apps that cater to this distinctive need. Such mobile applications help students to realize their dreams of developing new ideas and projects.

When students grow up and experience many aspects of life for the first time and hence, they are full of ideas. Unfortunately, majority get lost as there is no supporting ecosystem or process to even acknowledge it, leave aside taking these bright ideas forward. After all, it was a student who created Facebook used by every other high school student today.

Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly one of the most challenging human endeavors. Not only it requires careful mentoring, but also working diligently with a firm focus on a journey of thousand steps, full of pitfalls. With technology intervening in all aspect of lives, such tech-based platforms are progressively helping students to become the next-gen entrepreneurs by creating a pool of ideas- as an idea or thought, with some foundation, is the most critical step to begin with.

Hence, students today are proactively building platforms for that support the needs of other students to record and share their innovation projects on a social platform, meant for sharing with fellow students, teachers, mentors, entrepreneurs, funds to understand their idea. Once investors find it interesting, they can interact with idea owner and get a deeper understanding, build or support solutions to address the requirements using the idea and/or fund the idea for the student to pursue.
For students harboring entrepreneurial dreams, such offerings are godsent. Many students have an innate desire to improve the world, by becoming agents of change, rather than being spectators. By honoring this desire and creating learning opportunities that allow students the capacity to develop their skills, we are arming them with the resources to help them become better leaders of tomorrow.

Taking into consideration the success of such applications, this could possibly become the next Google of ideas, Facebook and LinkedIn of student entrepreneurs, Snapchat of founders and mentors, possibly shaping India’s best teenage innovations and tempting products like Apple.

Article Written by: Bhargavi Goel, Glorifire App Founder

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