Events Lined Up for Vaayu'15 @ NMIMS Mumbai

Anjani Chaand updated on : 07 Dec 2015

Vaayu 2015 focuses on Youth Empowerment to provide opportunities for young individuals to be heard, participate in decision making, and express themselves in their fields of interest

National College Level Fest of NMIMS- Vaayu'15 is in it's 5th year now with a wide range of activities and events planned for the 4-day celebration.

Vaayu strives to create a multifaceted platform for talent actualization through Youth Empowerment.

Some of the events and activities planned include:

The Innovations Committee of the college concentrates on bringing about change through enjoyment. Through their event, the participants have fun while improving the world around them. These events include various interesting activities and games for the participants to have the time of their life while helping the society.

Like the name suggests, their events are innovative and unique. They follow the simple idea of thinking outside the box and not believing in being mainstream. This makes it a win win situation for the participant and the society. They will concentrate on youth empowerment and enforce this through their youth oriented events.

Every year they tie up with a NGO and this time its Jaivakeel Research Society. Like every time, their events this time will be different, challenging and exciting.

Idea of 'Externals'

Do you have a problem in finding a job? Don't worry they got a solution for all.

They club fun and internship in the hamper, making it enjoyable for all.

A team of 18 but greater than the power of 200, who they like to call minions, together they can fix your internship requirements!

These 18 are the people whom you call the brain maniacs, the innovators, young fashionistas, writers, dreamers and not to forget the Fun-loving dancers and entertainers.

Externals believes in the word extremes, be it their Efforts, Innovations, Thought, Power or the Companies on board! They take the best, and well their events describe what Externals definition of Extremes is!

Fine Arts:

Vaayu differentiates itself by taking the generic ideas of art into a whole new dimension through the department of ‘Fine Arts’! Fine Arts has gone up from merely painting and sculpture to additional forms like film, photography, conceptual art, etc.

The Fine Arts department of Vaayu’15 has come up with the most unique and differentiated events that brings out the true artist in you. Through events like Glow Paint Fashion Show and Tyre Painting, it has widened the horizons of what Art is all about and given the idea of aesthetics, a physical manifestation.

Management Events: 

“What gets measured, gets managed!”-Peter Drucker

Management Events provides events inculcating aspects that stretch way beyond the drab corporate experiences and extend to board games, comic, simulations, futuristic markets etc. They provide you with the opportunity to further develop your managerial skills in a fun and innovative way. Participants will get a chance at trying their hands at handling the most dynamic stocks with live feeds, or ruling and conquering empires in the medieval ages or give wings to their “business ideas” in their starting B-plan event and much more.

Literary Arts:

This edition of Literary Arts has doesn’t just aim towards thinking outside the box, but creating a box alike. With a new level of intensity, a new class of innovation and a new meaning of Literature, they bring an experience which will leave you breathless, wordless and restless!

LA’15 aims towards youth empowerment by giving the students a forum with eminent personalities through ‘The Forefront’, challenge their penmanship through ‘Creative Writing’, tackle their ability to voice their thoughts through ‘Illuminati’ and give them a roller coaster ride through ‘JAM’. With 8 events of smoldering intensity, Literary Arts challenges you to show your might with a subtle panache.

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