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Nidhi Mishra updated on : 03 May 2016

Take an inside look of the Event Management industry

“Multi-level multi-tasking multiplied multiple times is Event Management”-Rehan Waris

If you’ve always been mesmerised by fashion shows, award ceremonies, glamorous parties and weddings and have been curious about what goes into creating them then, event management courses could be one of the right careers for you to choose. However, with the advent of the corporate giants and their dynamic partnerships across industries, there are many more avenues emerging in this field as they hold various events on huge platforms as well and had opened numerous career opportunities in event management industry.  For the making of all these fanciful events, one requires a great deal of effort, expertise and experience. This field requires visualisation, creativity, meticulous planning, technical know-how and coordination. You can consider this fast growing industry, where many of the activities take place behind the scenes if you are up for all this and more.

Event management is looked upon as a sunrise industry and is considered as a product of new age because glamour and flamboyance are attached to not only social but, even corporate events of all kinds. 

You can make your way into this sunrise industry through a degree or a diploma. 

Essential Skills to be an Event Manager:

Public Relation Skills

You need to be an all-rounder with skills in almost everything such as from research to communication to writing to creativity to make a career in event planning.

Marketing and Business Acumen: 

People with these skill sets are able to obtain essential information about a situation, focus on the key objectives, recognise the relevant options available for a solution, select an appropriate course of action and set in motion an implementation plan to get the job done which is best for the business.

Budgeting Skills

These are required to manage the budget and work effectively within the finance allotted.

Risk Management Skills:

Conducting and organising a new event has many risks involved which can affect the success of an event. So, an event manager should know how to minimise the risk at various levels.

Time Management Skills:

Time management goes along with multi-tasking, and if an event planner can do both within the deadlines, half the battle is won.

How do I get there?

Earlier people applying for event management courses did not require any particular academic background. However, as the industry has flourished, it has become more organised and thus, there are a large number of educational institutes that offer a variety of specialised diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees (both UG/PG) in the field of event management. While a one-year diploma prepares you for event execution field, a two or three-year degree course helps you in mastering the subject.

One has many options to choose a career in event management after 12th, a career in event management after graduation and even MBA in event management.

The Payoff:

The remuneration in this field is variable to the type of industry, your role and responsibilities, the location of the firm, your experience and the business of your organisation. Also, you can set up your own event management firm that can bag a good amount. Freelance work is also popular in this field.

The monetary gains depend on upon one’s own ability to handle the event of high magnitude.

Beginning salary for a fresher can range from 2 lacs to 2.5 lacs per annum.

Event Management Jobs Titles:

  • Public Relations Executive/Manager
  • Promotion and Marketing Executive/Manager
  • Brand Development Executive/Manager
  • Designing Executive/Manager
  • Administrative Executive/Manager

Industries offering Event Management:

  • Event Management Companies
  • Hotel Industry
  • PR Firms
  • Corporate Houses
  • Your own Event Management Firm



You get immense satisfaction on successful completion of an event

Fast burnout and stress

Your clientele increase with success of every event

Living up to clients’ expectation is another challenge

You will have a chance to hone organisational skills

Limited promotion opportunities

Event Management is a fast-paced, and a highly employable field. If you have an appetite for challenges and have an interest in working in a dynamic environment, a career in event management will go well with you!

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