Fake Admissions in DU by Changing Photos on Admission Forms

Kritika Sharma updated on : 11 Aug 2015

A number of fake admissions have been made in Delhi University by changing photographs of the candidates on the forms.

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Admission was being made by changing photos in Delhi University. Some of workers working in colleges are also involved in getting fake admissions done in colleges. According to sources, job of workers, who are working for gang, is only to change the photos from admission forms.

In fact, members of the gang send their own persons only to college by taking fake documents at the time of admission. They put their own photos on the forms during admission, due to which, when officers taking admission check the photo during verification, they find everything alright. But at the time when admission is made, then the members of the gang get the photo of student pasted by getting the photo of their members changed from the workers working for them.

Disclosure would have been made last year: Disclosure of fake admission in DU could have been made last year only. A case regarding this was filed in police as well but none of the six accused could be arrested till now. This year also, matter of involvement of members of this gang is also being noticed in fake admissions made in DU

According to police sources, Shahid Bhagat Singh College Administration had got a case filed in Malviya Nagar Police Station last year. College administration had told the police that some of the workers of their college are also involved along with outside people in this racket. College administration had taken one boy to police after catching him, who had come for fake admission. Names of those members of the gang, getting fake admissions done last year, include mainly Indrajit Singh Kaku, Himanshu Gupta, Mohit Bhati, Anuj Mandot, Somveer Meena and Vinod Yadav.

Deputy Commissioner of Police of South Delhi District Prem Nath told that police are investigating this case afresh. Steps for arresting these accused will be taken only after this. It is also being investigated as why arrest of these accused could have not been made last year.

University officer also under investigation: According to Crime Branch, police will conduct enquiry from the officers of SC/ST/OBC (Minority) Cell of DU about verification of documents. According to police, it is amazing as how admissions were made through fake caste certificates? Responsibility of verification of caste certificate is on this cell only. Praveen Jha, caught in fake admission accepted that he was purchasing papers from Chowri Bazar for making documents. Not only this, but police have also come to know about some serious matters during interrogation about non-teaching staff of some colleges.

Source: Hindustan Times

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