Father’s Day 2016: The Man ‘Who Always Has Your Back’

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 18 Jun 2016

If you’ve not been paying enough attention to your father, then it’s time you make it up to him!


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We hated him when he didn’t allow us late nights! We hated him when he disconnected the TV cable during exam time! And we surely didn’t like him when he went on and on giving life lessons. There could be many reasons to hate him, but a single reason has always been enough to love him unconditionally – whatever he did, he did for the right reasons.

Yes, fathers are like that! We love them as much as we hate them.

The first ever superhero of our lives – much before we knew fictional superheroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman. He not just stood by us during our worst fears but also taught us how to fight them. He has been our pillar of strength and the guiding light that helped us differentiate between right and wrong.

He taught us how to hold the cricket bat and how to solve that tough Math problem. He played the guinea pig when we needed some makeup classes.


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We may have complained a lot about his absence in the house but we’ve hardly acknowledged his hard work and his silent contribution to the family’s well-being. As far as we can remember, we know that despite being tired, he would be ready to hear us all out as soon as he would reach home.

He might have had a busy schedule the entire year but on our birthday he would ensure that we feel special.

He is the one to give us an insight on the different career paths and he is the one to teach us that working hard is the key to achieve success.

We may be busy with our work or have just moved on in life with our new family; and we may not even remember calling him. But, he would still call us every day just to ensure that we’re doing okay.


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We’ve grown up hearing so many songs dedicated to mothers and their sacrifices, but there are not even a handful of tracks that are dedicated to the contribution of fathers in our lives.

This Father’s Day (19th June, 2016), let’s take out some time and spend it with him! Let’s take him out for dinner or a movie! Let’s make him feel special and thank him for all the sacrifices he has made only to see us smiling!


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