Final Theory Exam Date sheet of GGSIPU

HTCampus Expert updated on : 28 May 2015

Final Theory Exam Date sheet (May-June 2015) by (GGSIPU) Chander Prabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law, New Delhi

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The Final Theory Exam Date sheet of Chander Prabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law (GGSIPU) is given below;

The exam takers are requested to kindly adhere to the rules and regulations of the examination hall! Any handprinted materials, books, calculators, electronic equipement and mobile phones are banned in the premises of the examination hall. Anyone caught could be booked under unfair means and will be penalized.



The institute was established by Government of NCT, Delhi. The University will stimulate both the hearts and minds of scholars, empower them to contribute to the welfare of society at large; train them to adapt themselves to the changing needs of the economy and society; advocate them for cultural leadership to ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.

GGSIPU strives hard to provide a market oriented professional education to the student community of India in general and of Delhi in particular, with a view to serving the cause of higher education as well as to meet the needs of the Indian industries by promoting establishment of colleges and schools of studies as centers of excellence in emerging areas of education with focus on professional education in disciplines of engineering, technology, medicine, education, pharmacy, nursing, law, etc.


Source: Marv Mittal, HTCampus Specialist

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