Finance Fest ‘E-Monexus’ by FIC-SGGSCC

HTCampus Expert updated on : 19 Oct 2015

‘E-Monexus’ event organised by Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, New Delhi


Being welcomed to the Internet of Things epoch buddies! While all Delhi University Fests and Events were witnessed On Campus, students geared up to rubberneck debutant online Finance Fest ‘E-Monexus’ powered by FIC-SGGSCC. Laboured the life of a Venture capitalist, Film Producer, Quizzer and News reporter under one roof in just continuance of a month and got the fastest Internet connection on and marked weekends for Mind Boggling Gifts, fun and above all Life Time Experience.

The first E-Monexus event 'Wealth of Nations' scheduled on October 10, 2015 was introduced. Wealth of Nations was to explain how traditional is it to do a single business, be a businessman but Venture capitalism is the new business, business of owning numerous businesses. All you have to do is nurture a start-up or a unique idea with high risk and high return profile and invest in it.

The First competition of E-MONEXUS was Live.

General rules for WEALTH OF NATIONS were as follows:-

  1. There were 2 Rounds in the game.
  2. First round was an elimination round, only top 50 teams qualified for the second round.
  3. The kitty allotted to every participant was 100 crores. This amount or the profit was not being carried forward to the next round.
  4. The second round was held on Sunday.

The theory of Reflexivity by George Soros states that speculators believe that market participants themselves directly influence market fundamentals, and that their irrational behaviour beacons investment opportunities. Based on this theory, the Second event of E-Monexus, 'QUIZMENT' which was all about forecasting, speculating and betting was introduced. The event was held on October 17-18, 2015.

Following were the Returns of 'Wealth of Nation Round2':-

Energy sector

  • France- 10.5%
  • Sweden - 11.75%
  • Austria - 10%
  • Canada - 9.75%
  • U.k- 9.75%


  • U.s - 11.5%
  • Japan- 9.5%
  • India - 12.75%
  • Spain - 11.5%
  • Germany - 9.5%

Winners were Vibhor Mediratta, Northern India College of Engineering and Runner ups were Vansha Dhingra, SGGSCC and Chirag Mahawar, Hansraj College

Based on the theory of Reflexivity by George Soros, QUIZMENT was all about forecasting the market fundamentals, speculating the best payback opportunity and bidding for the maximum profits. 25 students were shortlisted for Quizment Round 2.


Source: Manteg Singh Luthra, HT Campus Specialist 

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