Five Reasons Why Girls Should Choose a Career in Law

HTCampus Expert updated on : 23 Aug 2016

Are you looking for a career in Law? Here are five reasons why you should choose Law as your career.

Why Girls Should Choose a Career in Law

Girls in India are generally interested in a career in the fields of Medicine as Doctors, majorly in back office jobs in Banking & Insurance sectors, Teachers , Marketing & Sales, Corporate communications in Private sectors. But there is a huge potential for females in the legal sector. With globalization and modern technological explosion, career opportunities in the legal sector have grown many folds.

In Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Delhi high courts, you will find many young girls as lawyers. They are doing very good. And there lies the opportunity. After discussion with many senior legal experts, I have come to the conclusion that there are majorly five reasons why a girl should choose a Career in Law.

  • Impressive Social Status: Lawyers enjoy respect from all social quarters. A profession is considered at par with Doctors, Engineers, Police officers and other highly skilled professionals. Once you create a good reputation in the field, your social status goes up and you are highly respected by everyone. This gives you self-esteem and job satisfaction as well as social recognition.
  • Wealth & lifestyle: Legal professionals are quite well paid these days. If you are working for a good Law Firm and having a Law or BBA-LLB degree, your salary is quite handsome. If you have good knowledge and you have studied well from a top notch law school, your independent practice will bring you fame and wealth both early in your career. You can lead a good life with your family.
  • Corporate Ladder & Personal career growth:  These days corporate lawyers are earning a lot and they enjoy a good career in law firms. The more experience you have, the more respect and more money you are likely to make. Many law firms divide their business into many segments as per specialization. Thus lawyers have the chance to get promoted and lead a specific segment. Here you have to show your managerial skills and you can go up to Director or Senior Management positions.
  • Segmentation and Specialization: Today Legal system has been diversified into many areas. Prospective lawyers will have many specialization areas to choose as per their interest and capacity such as Family affairs, corporate affairs, Criminal, Employment issues, Labour laws & Factories affairs, Women rights, Child rights, Human rights, Commercial and so on. Thus there is something for all.
  • Intelligence Pays: Often people complain that they are very intelligent but their intelligence and skills are not being utilized properly in the sector they are working for. But here, lawyers have all the opportunities to show their intelligence in public and get recognition. In this profession, very rare chances are there of complaint. If you are intelligent, you have studied law seriously, then nothing will stop you from becoming a well-known lawyer.

And what I believe as the most interesting part of this profession is, that choosing to pursue a career in Law will give you an opportunity to practically make some difference in the existing world. You may change lives of hundreds of people or even if you impact one life for a better cause, you will feel happy & satisfied. Money and career aside, you will do something great, something substantial to change the society at large. But before you take the jump, just select the best Law School.


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Prof. Rajesh Sisodia

Senior Journalist & Media Educator

Unitedworld Group of Institutions, India


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