FMS Delhi MBA Admission Criteria 2018-20 Changed

Rajat updated on : 11 Oct 2017

FMS Delhi has made some significant changes in its admission criteria of MBA 2018-20. It has introduced group discussion in the admission criteria and has given 15% weightage to Personal Interview round.

FMS Delhi MBA Admission Criteria 2018-20 Changed

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University has made some changes in its admission criteria for MBA program 2018-20. As per the reports, FMS Delhi has reduced CAT 2017 score weightage. Earlier there was no group discussion round, but it has introduced this round too in its admission criteria and has also increased the weightage of personal interview round. As per the announcement made by FMS Delhi it has been cleared that the admission to its MBA courses will be done on the basis of Extempore Speech, Personal Interview and CAT 2017 score.

FMS Delhi has made significant changes by decreasing the weightage given to CAT 2017 score. The weightage given now is 60% which was 85% earlier. It has further added Group Discussion round to the admission process and has given 15% weightage to Personal Interview round which was 10% earlier. On this sudden change in admission criteria, FMS Delhi has said that it will shortlist the candidates for admission to its MBA program on the basis of Extempore Speech, Group Discussion, Personal Interview along with Class X & Class XII scores and also  CAT 2017 scores.

Earlier the weightage given to CAT exam score was 85%. Now, in the new admission policies, 60% percentile is required to reach to the final merit list. Moreover, factors like academic performance and other things will also be taken into consideration which weren’t pointed at the time of first step of selection criteria. FMS Delhi has reintroduced Group Discussion round after three years. The round will be given weightage of 10%. Along with this, the academic profile of Class X and XII with marks is given 10% weightage. For both the classes, 5% weightage is given.

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MBA 2018-20 Weightage Percentage

MBA 2017-19 Weightage Percentage


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Female candidates will be given an additional 3% weightage in the merit list.

The extempore speech has been 5% weightage at the final round of admission process at FMS Delhi. There have been no changes made in this round. This round is supposed to be conducted at the time of Personal Interview round. The candidates will be handed over some topics in random at the time of interaction with the panelist at the time of interview. The candidates will be asked to think over the topics for near about 10 – 15 seconds. After this, the candidates will have to speak on the given topic for two to three minutes. With this speech, the candidate’s speaking skills will be tested. The candidate’s clarity of thoughts plus coherent speech and logical though process in sync with the topic is the key of getting full marks in this round. In order to score high in this round, the candidate is required to proceed with an approach thought organization strategy. Your thoughts over the topic and your way of delivering your ideas will decide if you will be a team leader in future.

The weightage given to Personal Interview round has been increased to 15% which was only 10 % earlier. It is noticed that the total duration of this round may range anything from an average of 7 minutes to 30 minutes which will further depend on how much knowledge the candidate has, his way of expression and speaking. After CAT 2017 scores, Personal Interview round will have the highest weightage given. FMS Delhi will give an additional 3% weightage in order to promote the gender diversity. The female candidates who will be appearing in the interview round will be given this additional weightage.

The personal interview round will be conducted only in Delhi. Hence the candidates, who aren’t resident of Delhi, will have to come to participate in the round. FMS Delhi will declare the shortlist of candidates probably in February 2018. In March/April 2018, the next round of admission processes will take place. Candidates are required to take CAT 2017 otherwise FMS Delhi will not consider them for admission. At the time of personal interview, the candidate will have to bring their all original documents.

FMS Delhi has started its registration for admission process on 5th October 2017 which will finish on 20th November 2017. It will only accept the score of CAT 2017 exam. Candidates who are planning to apply for FMS Delhi MBA 2018-20 can do online application.

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