Foreign Collaborations will be Possible with High Ranking Indian Universities Only

Sarika Rana updated on : 19 Jan 2017

Indian Universities seeking twinning programmes with foreign academic institutions will now need top accreditations and approvals from regulatory agencies. Find out more!

Foreign Collaborations and Indian Universities

The University Grants Commission (UGC) recently issued regulations on foreign collaborations. For Indian Universities to increase synergy between foreign universities, they will need to improve their curriculum, delivery of knowledge and education content. Students must get additional choices. Only then will these universities will get high rankings based on their overall performance, hence, allowing them to collaborate with foreign institutes.

According to the UGC (Promotion and Maintenance of Standards of Academic Collaboration between India and Foreign Educational Institutions) Regulations 2016, Indian universities and colleges with the highest grade of accreditation and those conforming to other eligibility conditions laid down in the regulations can apply online to the UGC to start twinning programmes with the foreign education system (institutes).

To comply with AICTE rules and regulations, Indian university would require to have a valid National Board of Accreditation (NBA) accreditation for one year beyond April 10, 2017 for the course in which it seeks twinning. Neither an Indian university nor a foreign university can carry out any educational activity in India to award programmes without specific approval from AICTE.

Not only this, the courses that will be offered by the foreign universities to our Indian structure will need to be approved and recognized in their country too. The foreign universities and the Indian counterpart will need to sign a memorandum of understanding to offer twinning courses that is applicable in both the countries. The degree will be awarded by the foreign institute and in its parent country.

In case a twinning programme has been withdrawn or visa is not granted for a semester abroad, the student can be absorbed in the regular curriculum in the Indian university or board.


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