Fun Elliptic: The New Ride in Town

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 07 Oct 2016

A student from Lucknow develops an elliptical cycle, says it’s better than spending time at the gym. Read further to know more.

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Syed Mohd. Faizan, a student of visual arts in an Arts College in Lucknow, has developed a cycle that is an eco-friendly mode of transport for covering short distances. The unique feature of the cycle is that it helps in a complete body workout.

Syed said that it took him two years to develop and design the cycle. He joined a gym two years ago to lose weight. The gym advised him to work on the elliptical machine. This gave him the idea of developing an elliptical cycle which can be a good mode of transport and is useful for working out.

He named the cycle 'Fun Elliptic.' It has all the major features of an elliptical machine in a gym. Syed has added a few useful features for people who love cycling. The cycle does not have a seat, though, and people have to stand and balance the cycle till they want to pedal.

Syed said that he purposely removed the seat since there was no point in sitting and exercising. He said that he loves to ride his Fun Elliptic and does not like exercising in a gym. The gym is closed and has no fresh air whereas while riding the cycle, he can enjoy the fresh air. He uses the cycle to help his mother buy daily groceries from a store near his house.

The gears in the cycle are big and help the rider to reach faster speed in turn burning calories at a much faster rate. Syed mentioned that spending long hours in the gym to lose weight is pointless. The cycle is a good channel for a smooth workout and its fun to ride it as well.



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