Future Prospects in Animation and Multimedia

HTCampus Expert updated on : 08 Feb 2016

This article details the future prospects about Animation & Multimedia opportunities for people pursuing an education in this field

Future Prospects
Professionals in Animation and Multimedia are highly in demand; NASSCOM, the apex body of IT software and services in India estimates that at least three lakh jobs are currently available in Animation and Multimedia sector. But only those who are multi-skilled can be at an edge.

The industry is throwing up a plethora of opportunities. Satellite television, internet, gaming and cross-platform exploitation are the reasons for this growth. Animation professionals can find great opportunities in the areas of computer animation, film animation, and a wide range of media businesses. Numerous job opportunities are available in India as well as abroad in the exciting field of animation. It opens the door to film industries such as Hollywood, which is the world of special effects and imagery for films.

Animation and multimedia professionals have a variety of lucrative career paths to choose from. Individual career paths depend on their own abilities and aptitudes. They can be texture artists, 3d modellers, riggers or animators. They have opportunities to work in new and emerging platforms such as media convergence, mobile media and online games. Animation is also increasingly being used in edutainment and in interactive CDs, among others.

As a successful graduate of a good multimedia programme, once can apply for positions such as scriptwriter for multimedia, web designer, multimedia producer, computer-based training designer, web script language developer, and more. There are many entry-level career opportunities with corporations, organisations, educational institutions, government agencies, entertainment, and advertising industries.

The remuneration can start with Rs 10,000 per month for a fresher and with experience and proficiency sky can be the limit. Even Rs 10 to 20 lakh per month can be earned. At the top of the hill are jobs such as, Creative Director, Animation Director, VFX Director, Lighting, Modeling and Rigging artists, Production Head, etc. Besides, Mulltimedia designers and animators can also take up freelance projects and work from home.

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