GATE 2013 Offline Exam: Important Tips

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The examination is scheduled to be conducted on 10th Feb, 2013

GATE 2013 Offline Exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2013) offline examination consists of Multiple Choice type Questions (MCQs).  Candidates have to provide their answers to the questions in terms of one of the options: A, B, C, or D. 

To capture the answers candidates will be provided with an Optical Response Sheet (ORS), where they have to fill in the answers to the corresponding question. Answers written only on the ORS provided at the exam centre will be used for evaluation. Question Paper Booklets will not be collected after the exam, and the candidates may take it back with them.

Candidates can practise and become familiar with the sheet before hand by clicking on the Download link on this page.


Please note the following important points:

1. The answers to the questions must be provided on the Left Hand Side of the ORS against the question numbers shown to the left of the        A,B,C,D bubbles.  No other identification mark must appear on this side of the ORS.

2. Candidate’s Name, Registration Number, and Signature must be clearly written only on the Right Hand Side.

3. Read the instructions given on the ORS carefully.


Tips for Bubbling Clearly and Some Wrong methods:

The ORS will be processed electronically, and it is important to follow these instructions to ensure that the intended responses are captured by the processing software.

1. Use only a black ink ball point pen.  Never use a pencil for marking your answers. It is no longer acceptable.

2. Shade the complete oval bubble in black color.  Partly shaded bubbles or bubbles shaded larger than the bubble area may not be recognised.

3. Do not make any other extraneous marks (like strokes, lines, curves, or doodles) on the ORS.

4. Each question has only one correct answer.  Do not mark more than one bubble for an answer to a question.

5. Do not use a “tick” mark or any other mark to indicate an answer.

6. Do not leave small shaded dots inside a bubble, as this could be considered as an answer. If you are not sure of the answer leave it blank.

7. No bubbles shaded for a question (no answer) is acceptable. You will not be evaluated for that question (i.e., you will neither gain nor loose marks for it).

8. Do not erase a bubble with a rubber eraser, as this could damage the paper and render it unqualified to be processed.


Source: Official website of GATE, 2013


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