GATE 2017: Study plan for 8 months

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 07 Jul 2016

Mohit Goel of Thinkcell Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. suggests an eight month study plan for GATE 2017


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of the candidate in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and science.

Here cramming won’t work, as the name suggests you will be marked upon your aptitude level and that is based on how well you understand all the concepts.

Now that we know we have good amount of time to prepare for GAT E 2017, it would be beneficial if we make the best of it!  Proper strategy to prepare for the exam can lead to excellence.

Always keep in mind your goal or the rank which you want to secure. If you want to join any of the top courses in the Indian Institutes of Technology, you need to attain a rank of less than 1,000, which means that you cannot afford to leave out any section during preparation.

On the other hand, if one's aiming to just qualify, then one can afford to leave some sections, and focus only on the important ones and still get enough marks to make the cut. After you attain your GATE score you can opt for either of the following subjects for higher education:

  • M. Tech
  • MS
  • FPM (Fellowship Program in Engineering)
  • PhD




Before you start off, with your preparation it is essential to keep a few things in mind

  • Keep your study area neat and clean. Don’t pile up books unnecessarily!
  • Keep all your stationary at hand.
  • Check for the updated GATE syllabus
  • Collect the study material for the whole curriculum before starting preparation
  • Collect previous years question papers. This is very important since solving them will give you right practise for actual GATE exam


Candidates should finish off their syllabus in these 6 months, the rest of the 2 months are advised to dedicate completely for revision and solving previous years question papers, mock test papers, etc.

These 6 months are very crucial so time management is essential.

  • List your subjects according to importance , start off with ones carrying more weightage than the rest
  • Divide your day in a way that gives you enough time for study and rest
  • Study on the weekdays and leave the weekends for revision
  • Make sure your concepts are clear.
  • Make footnotes with important keywords and a formulae sheet! This helps you remember better. This will also save your revision time Divide your study matter in two parts Theory and Numerical. Go through the concepts well and practice as many problems possible
  • Don’t hesitate to take help; joining a coaching institute which gives you the advantage of being guided in the right direction
  • Group studies or studying with someone appearing for the exams helps you realize your competition and also gives you a platform to help each other.

Remember, never leave today’s work for tomorrow!


As mentioned, the last 2 months should be utilized purely for revision. This can be done by going through the tough topics along with solving mock tests!

Solving Mock tests is one essential part of your revision as it measures the level of your preparation. It is a time bound test so you can test your speed as well! Solve at least one question paper each day and practice the topics you’re having a difficulty in solving.

Lastly, remember that being healthy, both mentally and physically is important during this period. Eat nutritious food and follow a healthy diet.

Remember your body needs rest too; Adequate sleep is essential to feel refreshed and to retain what you have learned.


About the Author:

Mohit is the CEO & MD of Thinkcell Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Gateforum Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.)  Prior to this, he was the MD of YUKTI, a leading company and brand in Maharashtra in the Engineering testprep domain offering classroom courses for JEE, MHTCET and 12th Board exams.

Mohit has received his Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from IIM, Ahmedabad (1996). He also holds a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree from IIT, Bombay (1994).

Mohit has 15+ years experience in the field of education, in designing, co-ordinating, marketing and executing classroom based training programmes.

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