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Thoroughly revise CBSE syllabus and treat all topics as important

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One thing that remains unchanged in the new Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is that an aspirant needs to have indepth knowledge of all subjects. That is the key to success. By now, you would need to cover the full syllabus and get into revision mode by solving a lot of practice tests. You should prepare small notes related to important formulae and results.


Since Paper 1 of JEE Main is likely to be objective-type, the level of questions asked in physics, chemistry and mathematics is not likely to be very high. The emphasis will now be on what you have studied in school because the syllabus for paper 1 of the new JEE will be based on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The responsibility of setting questions will be on experts from the CBSE, though the team will also have professors from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).


Knowing the IITs, however, one can expect brain-teasers, which will require you to get your concepts clear for different subjects. The papers will test not only your knowledge, but your aptitude, speed as well as accuracy. So, for excellence, a good command over subjects will be necessary.


Ensure that you revise the chapters given in the NCERT books first to be able to get your concepts clear. With school board marks also getting weightage, school teaching can really help. Regular practice of single-choice questions asked in previous examinations really helps. Make sure you understand what you are doing. Mere ticking of options may not be the right way. Attempting single-choice questions from previous years’ IIT-JEE will also help you crack paper 1.


Your focus should always be on getting your concepts clear and understanding the topics well. There are times when students try to be thorough only with important topics from the point of view of the JEE, but that is not the right way. Total focus on a particular topic can be problematic, as you never know which topic will have more questions. The best way is to give equal importance to all topics. For instance, a student who decides to skip probability and gives more importance to quadratic equation, can repent later. In the new JEE, it is difficult to ascertain what trend will be set.


Finally, confidence holds the key. And for building confidence, regular practice is the only way. Still, if you come across difficult questions while writing the exam, there is no need to get nervous. There may be a few questions that will be difficult for most candidates. Keep your confidence high, for cut-off in the JEE can really fluctuate.


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