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Devanshi Sharma updated on : 11 Jan 2018

Board exam date sheets of CBSE Class 10th and 12th are expected to be released soon. Meanwhile, schools are also geared up for taking pre-board exams.

board exam preparation

Board exam date sheets of CBSE Class 10th and 12th are expected to be released soon. Meanwhile, schools are also geared up for taking pre-board exams. Pre-board exams are an excellent opportunity to judge your understanding and weak points about the subjects. You should attempt it with full preparation and enthusiasm to know your level of competency and how much more hard work you need to put in.

We’ve listed down a few tips for you to ace in pre board exams.

Choose One Topic at a Time

It is a good advice to keep all the worries and self-doubts away from your aura and indulge in quality self-study time. The entire syllabus should be comprehensively studied instead of just studying the topics that you find difficult. The syllabus needs to be broken down on the basis of course-work, subject-wise, into different topics, depending on the level of complexity. Before you engage in advanced themes make sure that you get your basics right as it will help you to build a foundation for deeper understanding. Here, NCERT will be your best friend unlike reference books, which should only come into the picture if you’ve practiced the core syllabus.

Planning is the Key of Performing Better

A well-planned study plan will help you to get good results in any examination. All you have to do is to divide the number of days you have until examination and allocate it to particular topics or sections. Studies have observed that studying diverse range of topics in a day, with proper allocated time to each, exercises different parts of the brain. This strategy helps in better retention. There are various learning apps and tech-based solution to get you through the day. They’ll help you to plan out your tasks and set reminders for all the tasks at hand.

Solution to Exhaustion – Preparation

During an exam, the part that is of utmost concern is the length of paper. The goal is to answer all the questions and the hindrances can be anxiety, lethargy or lack of practice. A great solution to combat all this is to attempt regular, time bound tests. This will ensure that you’re ready for the test and perform to optimum levels without getting pressurized on the exam day.

A Healthy Body Leads to a Healthy Mind

During this hour, the students must take optimum care of their health. Losing time due to sickness is not an option. So, stay warm and toasty and include fruits, salads, milk, nuts in you daily diet. Beat the stress by exercising at least half an hour to release good hormones. Meditation is yet another option. A pro tip: make a big green circle on a wall and stare it for at least 15 mins in a day. It also helps to boost concentration.

 All this will help you to increase you immunity and keep the sickness at bay

Early to Bed, Early to Rise?

 As it’s been told always waking up early is a good option to study as it allows better retention, but few students find it comfortable to study at night. Suit yourself! All you need to do is to identify your study pattern and plan your studies accordingly. Yet again, meditation will help to improve concentration and overcome distractions.

Pre-Board Scores – A Reality Check

It is important to know that the pre-board exams are a reality check to track your performance. If you evaluate your performance carefully, it wouldn’t only help to overcome the shortcomings but will also help to strengthen the areas which you’re good at. If you didn’t score well then must not stress or panic but prepare well for the main exams. Push yourself harder every day to overcome the mistakes and try not to repeat them.

The main idea of conducting pre-board exams is to teach you where you lack and what needs to be improved. You must go to the details of your score but not stress over it if you didn’t too well. You’ve another chance to come out with flying colors. Here, teachers can also help you in knowing your shortcomings and they should be catered. Getting stressed is not an option!

Pre-board exams evaluate you performance before the board exams. The main focus should be to attempt them seriously for improving performance in main exams. Limit should be the sky!

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