GITAM GAT 2018 Preparation Tips

Thamanna Abdul Latheef updated on : 01 Sep 2017

GITAM GAT 2018 Preparation Tips- GITAM GAT 2018 is likely to be held in the month of May 2018. It is a computer based online entrance examination conducted by the GITAM University.

GITAM GAT Preparation Tips

GITAM GAT 2018 Preparation Tips- Preparing for an exam is the most anxious thing on the earth if a right plan is absent. Every winner had their own strategies to grab their success. Preparing for an exam is not a big deal. Getting high marks in the exam is a big deal and it is the result of so many aspects carried out by the candidate. It is not about what you have studied, but how to put it down in the answer sheet define you as a competitor in the GAT 2018 examination. GITAM GAT 2018 is a computer based online entrance exam conducted by the GITAM University for the engineering aspirants. The admission will be made as per the candidate's score in the GAT 2018 exam.

Why do aspirants need to have an appropriate plan of preparation before any exam? Because preparation is one of the initial steps which will become a stepping stone in their academic life. The aspirants need to have a sense of discipline, duty, and determination towards the exam so that they can crack GITAM GAT 2018 easily. Preparation tips for GAT 2018 will help the candidates to prepare better and score high marks in the examination.

Mostly, candidates have a tendency to learn everything under pressure during the last days of the exam. As it is not the right thing to do, marginal learning along with fun time is also needed. Persistence and interest for learning will help the students a lot in their life. The applicants of GITAM GAT 2018 should have a well-structured and planned timetable for the preparation which is the preliminary step to crack the exam. The candidates who wish to aspire their engineering from GITAM University through GITAM GAT 2018 Exam should check the Preparation tips for GITAM GAT 2018 here.

GITAM GAT 2018 Preparation Tips

Why is preparation for GAT 2018 important? As the exam is scheduled to be in May 2018, April will be a month of tough preparations and revisions. Preparing for the exam will aid you to understand the question better and answer accordingly. The score and rank are one of the defining factors in GAT 2018 though, sincere handwork from the candidate’s side and proper strategies will definitely give better results. The applicants should have a proper concept about the syllabus, important topics which are asked frequently in the GAT exam 2018.

Setting a Timetable

Setting a timetable which will manage your time meritoriously is the best thing you can do before the exam. Preparing a timetable won’t bring you success hence, you have to follow and work hard to achieve your dreams. Making a very fancy timetable which you can’t follow is a waste of time. You should make a timetable in which you can manage both your extracurricular activities as well as your academics. Finding time to meet people, helping others, playing or doing any sort of activities of your choice should also be included in your timetable so that your social life will not get affected because of the exam. It is all about distributing your time according to the call of the situation.

Allot Time to the Most Important Topics/Subject

For each and every candidate, there will be some strong and weak points when it comes to certain subjects. If you are good at a particular subject, there is no point in learning it again and again thus wasting your time. You should choose a subject which needs more attention and time so that you can cover all the major topics that may come in the examination of GITAM GAT 2018. Judiciously allot time to topics/subjects which need to be covered thoroughly. You know your strong and weak points, so act wisely by allotting time to such topics. Make a list of areas which require proper time and learn it before the exam. Don’t keep it for the last day.

Make Strategies​ Accordingly

Check the syllabus of GITAM GAT 2018 and try to make strategies according to you. Setting strategies for an exam is very important considering the duration of the exam, negative marking, the total number of questions and so on. Make plans which will make you win the game rather than just scoring moderate marks. It is all about scoring high marks in the examination so that your rank will also be high which gives you the high probability of getting admission in GITAM University.


Once you have completed studying all the topics, you must recall and revise it so that you will get to know which topics are to be revised properly. Revision is one of the most effective ways of learning and memorizing anything. Try to complete all the topics and subjects before a month so that you will get enough time to revise. Mind mapping is one of the things that the aspirants can do one or two months before the GITAM GAT 2018 entrance exam.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers​

Solving previous year’s question is another method to get familiar with the exam pattern, mode of questions, marks allotted and so on. The aspirants should try to answer questions papers as much as they can. It is recommended that the candidates must solve the question papers of previous 5 years. The candidates can check their answers with a help of any expert whom they know. If you’re not getting an answer for a question or from a particular area, it is better to skip such tricky and time-consuming questions. Unless and until you don’t have a teacher or an expert with you, try not to attempt such questions.

Give As Many Mock Tests As You​ Can

Giving mock test will help you to understand the pattern of the questions, types of questions asked and all the other things about the paper. To have an idea about the exam, it is advised to take as many mock tests as you can. It not only makes you confident but also helps you to understand the level of difficulty. The candidates should give the mock tests keeping in mind as they are giving the real test; it should be solved properly so that right after the test, you can evaluate yourself. Try to understand the weak points or areas which need emphasis. Take it as a step to make your preparation for GITAM GAT 2018 great.

Healthy Diet And​ Sleep

It is obvious that you will be tensed before the exam. Both your mental health and physical health contribute to your success. Just a day before the exam, you should be very calm and relaxed. If possible, playing or doing something you love can decrease the strain about the exam. Consciously, try to avoid people who will put your morale down or make you feel inferior. A healthy diet and a proper sleep are the best cure for exam trauma. Don’t stress yourself because you have an exam tomorrow instead be confident about what you’ve done during the time of preparation and try to answer questions patiently. An eight-hour sleep before the exam will make your memory sharp and relaxed.

These are some of the preparation tips that can be followed by the candidate before the exam. Try to follow your timetable so that no delays will obstruct your way while preparing. Have some alternative plans as well so that you can adjust to any sort of situation while taking the exam.

All the best and have a happy learning ahead..!

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