Global IIM Alumni Network seeks PM and President’s Attention on Quotas for Faculty and Students

Rajat updated on : 03 Oct 2017

Global IIM Alumni Network is seeking PM and President's attention as Reservation Provision is missing in IIM Bill which is violation of the Constitution of India.

IIM Bill seeks PM and President’s Attention

Global IIM Alumni Network has sent a plea to the Prime Minister and President. According to this plea, there are only two Scheduled Caste and 12 Other Backward Caste members in the 512 faculty members of top ten Indian Institutes of Managements. The network is seeking President and Prime Minister’s attention in IIM Bill in order to make some provisions for the reservation in faculty appointment along with admission of the students in several doctoral courses in the country’s reputed B – schools.

Lok Sabha has already passed the Bill and now the Bill is waiting to be passed by Rajya Sabha. If the Bill is passed by Rajya Sabha, IIMs will get more liberty and autonomy in its functions and granting degrees.

It is stated that the provision of reservation is mission in the IIM Bill and hence it is a violation of the Constitution. The Network reported that there is no reservation benefit to the faculties and the candidates who are applying for doctoral and executive programs at IIMs. In a statement given by Global IIM Alumni Network which has been addressed to the President and Prime Minister, it has been said that,

“Due to these acute shortcomings, we believe that the IIMs are not ready for autonomy and rushing through the pending Bill in its current form by the parliament must be avoided.”

With this plea, the network has wanted to draw the supreme attention towards the diversity data which the network obtained by RTI act from the top ten IIMs and the states. As per the data there are ’severe under-representation’ of SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe) and OBC (Other Backward Classes) at research and teaching levels at these IIMs of the country.  The letter has been signed by several groups such as International Commission of Dalit Rights, Ambedkar Association off North America, The Ambedkar International Foundation etc. A board of governors is subjected to look – over the functioning of these management institutions.

The letter more states that HRD ministry (Human Resource Development) has reminded several times to implement the reservation policy, but Indian Institutes of Management keeps on denying the reservation benefits. The Network has stated, “This act of impunity by IIMs is against their own mission statements of nation building.” It further stated that “Even the top ranking foreign universities especially Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University which contributed ‘significantly’ to the establishment of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta  are ‘inclusive’ in their intake policy. IIMs should learn from these universities.

The Network has mentioned that out of 512 faculty members of top ten IIMs of the country, there are only two SC and 13 OBC as of now whereas the panel representation of Scheduled Tribe (ST) is nil. The plea stated that there are only 8 ST/OBC/SC candidates at IIM Ahmadabad out of 93 FPM students. IIM Lucknow has 7 out of 67; IIM Bangalore doesn’t have any SC/ST/OBC in 134 FPM students whereas IIM Calcutta there are only 9 candidates out of 94.

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