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HTCampus Expert updated on : 11 Mar 2014

Selection process was ended with great success and witnessed unprecedented response and excitement!!!

ITM University

The selection process for the CORE Team of Google Students’ Club witnessed unprecedented response and excitement– with over 150 strong candidates from different streams & schools of ITM University vying for the coveted title. The competition was very tough – but, a hand-few of them stood out impressively amidst strong competition.

The selection process began with the submission of forms and C.V. of the applicants out of which some of them managed to make it to the next level on the basis of their answers. The contestants were then asked to upload their introductory video to make it to the next round.

The next round was a Group Discussion round in which applicants applying for similar posts competed against each other and presented their views on topics related to Google technologies and projects. The rational and knowledgeable ones went in for the Personal Interview Round which was conducted by Aman Malik (Google Student Ambassador, ITM University) itself. It was an intense questionnaire session in which students showcased their talents and skills along with their respective achievements. The questions were put up regarding the brief history of Google and the work experience each contestant holds.

To select the final 9 members who would represent the CORE Team of a club which is under the banner of a Tech giant was a big responsibility and required a lot of grilling and time. But, eventually nine dedicated individuals outshined others and now represent various posts in the Core Team of Google Students’ Club.

The brigade is led by Aman Malik (Google Student Ambassador, ITM University) who is a creative B. Tech final year student as well as an ambitious professional and has bagged many laurels. He is a consistent performer and represents the college in various technical and cultural activities. He is indeed, a visionary with a lot of focus and patience.

His other team mates namely include:-

Ankur Khemani- An expertise in coding who does things out of the league and makes a mark for himself, Karan Wadhawan- An effective communicator with a dynamic personality and a good knack for marketing, Yaman Gaur- A humorous individual who has a habit of proving his mettle time and time again, Himanshi Khurana- An extremely attentive and compassionate team person, she has a habit of excelling in whatever she does, Vineet Gupta- A creative mastermind with a positive and an optimistic approach towards life, Sunethra Satyanarayan- A work oriented law student who easily carves her way to success with her distinct qualities, Abhishek Shanker- A “People Person” with loads of confidence and willingness to do things, Navtej Singh- A unique learner with a keen sense of observation and imagining new things, Palash Chhabra- Firm believer of perfectionism, he is thoroughly dedicated and committed to whatever he does.

Furthermore, the amazingly experienced champs (faculty partners) also add the necessary spark to the club. The list includes:-

• Mrs Sagarika Goswami

• Mrs Rita Chhikara

• Ms Jyotika Pruthi

The primary aim of the club is to create a small yet powerful group of students passionate about Google products and technologies. They shall act as knowledge banks of various Google products in the campus. The club also aim at creating awareness regarding Internet terminologies, advancements in network and much more.

Google Students’ Club, as the name suggests, is indeed, one of most looked forward clubs of ITM University with many students having a keen interest for having a connect with the club in any way possible. The professional and unique selection process also marked that once the club gets going, there would be no looking back.

So, the club is all set to rock the stage with a group of passionate, skilled and Googley students trying to bring a change and raise the standards with their fight back abilities and team work.


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Source: Pulkit Garg, HT Campus Specialist

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