Government College of Engineering & Textile Technology launches "Central Server System"

HTCampus Expert updated on : 11 Jan 2016

Get the details here about the Central Server System developed by Government College of Engineering & Textile West Bengal!

To facilitate its students with prompt online services, Government College of Engineering & Textile West Bengal, had developed a Central Server System. This will running servers such as one Video Server, Oracle Server, Antivirus Server, Active Directory Server, Matlab Server, Linux Server, Mail Severs , Online-exam.

The servers in a brief way:

  • Video Server: This is like, where student can see Lecture Video/ PDF/ PowerPoint presentation uploaded by the faculty and can also download the Video/ PDF/ PowerPoint presentation from that server.
  • Oracle Server: Database Management System Lab will be conducted based on this server
  • Antivirus Server: Faculty & Staff can directly upgrade/update the Quick-Heal Antivirus from that server, without any access to internet
  • Active Directory Server: Student can login in any computer of the labs with their active directory login-id & password given by the college authority then automatically 2GB hard-disk space will be mapped on this server, where one can store his/her data for 4 year. These area is totally restricted. Nobody can access this 2GB area at SAN-Storage available in the Central Server System except the owner. So, not necessary to use Pen drive to store any data. One can store all important data in your assigned area for 4 years.


  • Matlab Server: Students & faculties can use this server to implement program
  • Linux Server: Operating System Lab will be held based on this server
  • Mail Servers: Students, faculties & staff can use their personal college email id (will be given soon) to send the mail to particular student/faculty or group or all by their email login
  • Online Exam Server: Students can give the on-line exam on technical subject, aptitude, English etc. from the lab using this server.

About Govt. College of Engineering and Textile Technology:

Govt. College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore, is one of the pioneer institutions in India in the field of Engineering and Technology, founded in 1908. The college was formerly known as College of Textile Technology.
College is offering Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) course with specialization in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Textile Technology and Apparel Production Management. College also offers Master of Technology (M.Tech) course with specialization in Textile Technology and Chemical Processing of Textiles.
Source: Rahul Mahato, HTCampus Specialist 

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