Government to Rank States on the Basis of Education System

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 25 Oct 2016

The government may soon start ranking states on the basis of their education system. Read full story here.


The Indian Government is planning to rank states on the basis of their education system in a bid to increase the competitive spirit among the states in terms of education. The states will be ranked on the basis of their infrastructure, quality of education, learning outcome, usage of resources, innovative projects by educational institutions and research outcomes.

The Human Resources Development Ministry (HRD ministry) has collaborated with central government’s policy Niti Aayog to work on the state ranking criteria and will hopefully launch this new ranking index in a couple of months.

With the change in the index, the Government is aiming to improve the current education condition in India and make education output-driven than the present input-driven system.

India has one of the largest education systems in the world with nearly 330 million students in more than 1.4 million schools, nearly 45,000 colleges and around 720 universities.

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