Governor Mr. Ram Naik Speaks at a Public Relations Seminar at Amity University, Lucknow

HTCampus Expert updated on : 28 Oct 2015

The seminar was conducted on 27th October and the theme focused on 'Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities'

Public Relations Seminar

“There is an old shloka in Sanskrit that goes roughly this way: ‘The easiest way to be publicized is to break all your utensils, tear up all your clothes, and ride a donkey through the busy streets’. That is the essential difference between publicity and good publicity. Anyone can create accounts on social media, take up the journalism mantle, weave a tale, and start publicizing. But, it is only those who are any good that are noticed.” said Ram Naik, Governor Uttar Pradesh, at a seminar held at Amity University, Lucknow Campus on Tuesday, October 27th

Speaking as Chief Guest in a Public Relations Seminar on the topic ‘Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities’, he reflected on the astonishing growth of social media, saying that it has been instrumental not only in communication, but also governance and education. 

“I am from the era that used to debate on the boons and banes of technology and computers itself. Perhaps no other phenomenon has grown as astounding a speed as social media has. Its impact is such that it is today the very fabric of all communication—be it the government, education, or even a private work organization,” he said. 

The honourable Governor’s views were also supported by Ajeet Pathak, National President Public Relations Society of India (PRSI). Citing social media as a revolutionary tool in communication, he said, “It is no longer a wine, dine and flexible dine kind of field. It has provided speed, accessibility and quick response time, which are instrumental for the success of any PR plan. It had made journalists out of citizens.”

Aimed at establishing social media as a crucial promotional factor in the contemporary age, the event also hosted Dr. Ashok Sharma, President PRSI Lucknow, and Monalisa Chaudhary, Secretary PRSI Lucknow as guests. 

Source: Lavanya Singh, HTCampus Specialists

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