graVITas 2016 Showcases Products Students Developed

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 26 Sep 2016

Devices like bicycle operated charger and Kisaan Mitra added colour to VIT’s eight edition knowledge carnival. Read on to know more.

graVITas 2016 Showcases Products byStudents

GraVITas 2016, VIT University’s eighth edition of the international knowledge carnival started on Friday.  The theme of the carnival was ‘Engineering for changing lives’ and four products were launched on Friday developed by the students.

One of the products at display was ‘Kisaan Mitra – Internet of Things.’ This is a device developed for the farmers, helping them to detect the diseases in the fields at an early stage. The device will provide functions like real-time monitoring of field conditions, accurate farm data maintenance, and the analysis to achieve maximum crop yield.

Another product at launch was ‘Cradle – Smart Baby Monitor.’ The Cradle is a wearable device which can measure vital parameters of an infant. The sensors in the device will send detailed information on the parent's Smartphone. There will also be alarm notifications sent in the case of an emergency. The prototype is ready, which can monitor sleeping positions, breathing patterns, the heartbeat of an infant and the room temperature.

Another student came up with an e-waste hack bin, which will address the problem of e-waste. This bin can collect waste from academic buildings and student hostels and convert that into open source learning modules.

A bicycle operated charger was another device at the knowledge carnival.

G. Viswanathan, the chancellor of VIT, addressed the public saying that the public and private sectors should invest more in research. With India spending only 3.5% GDP on education, he mentioned that education requires much more attention as compared to the current scenario. He also mentioned the importance of engineers in the development of the country.

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