Guest Session at Jaipuria Indore Glimpses into Consumer Behaviour

HTCampus Expert updated on : 20 Sep 2016

Jaipuria Institute of Management hosted a guest lecture to overview the students about consumer behaviour and its importance.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore organized an intensive guest session for the batch of 2015-17 recently. The motive for hosting the session was to make the students understand the consumer insights and how they play a vital role in the market. 
After years of focusing on cost management, companies are now focusing on growing the business. And they face a new landscape of consumer attitudes and behaviours, one that is vastly different from what it used to be before. Companies are now looking for answers to questions like how can they engage most effectively with consumers? How can they create a customer experience that drives acquisition and loyalty? etc. One can easily answer these questions by understanding their consumers and navigate what do they really want and need.
Mr. Amit Adesh Rai, regional marketing executive at Sansui threw light on the consumer behaviour. The session began by making the students understand who the consumers are and how their behaviour affects the buying decisions. Various examples were quoted by him for the thorough understanding of the students to make them well versed and prepared for their career in the field of marketing as consumers act as the pillars of success for any of the company.
 Further, he explained what all steps a consumer goes while making a decision to buy the product which are need recognition, information research, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and finally the post purchase behaviour. All these adds values towards the knowledge of the students and it made them a step ahead towards understanding the consumer’s perspective while making a purchase, what do they really want and need and how do they come to the decision of buying the products.
The session was an interactive one where the answers given by the students regarding their understanding of the topic reflected that they enjoyed the session as it was valuable for all and also the queries were answered by the guest. At last, Mr. Rai was thanked by all for giving his time and sharing his knowledge with the students and making them a step ahead in their understanding of marketing.
Source: Insiya Ali, HTCampus Specialist

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