Gulzar Group of Institutes Ludhiana, and Robotic Technology

HTCampus Expert updated on : 11 Mar 2014

First North –Indian Institute to introduce Robotic Technology in 2010

Gulzar Group of Institutes

Gulzar Group of Institutes (GGI) is the institute in North India to introduce the course B. Tech in Automation & Robotics in 2010.

Robotics Technology is no longer a hidden section. The beneficial inventions have made it a pillar of today’s world. The arena shows the wide applications of the technology. There was a time, when we see robots in movies performing our day to day work. We used to think that how it could be possible and how a thing that doesn’t have soul can perform?

But today, the science has given the reason to believe those unbelievable things.

Robotic Engineering has given the world several talented scientists, which are contributing in the arena of security, defence, transportation, production, manufacturing, health-care and so on. In these sectors, the robots are not only helping the human to perform daily routine works, but also carrying out the operation without the help of a human.

Science has invented the robots that can help a person to reach his destination by displaying him path, while there are some machines that are used to repair the parts of a space station. All these machines do not require human to operate them. They carry out the operation with their own.

Robotics technology is not just to invent things. It is also offering the bright career to those, who have interest in machines and skills to do inventions. The students, who have degrees in the field of Robotics engineering can pursue for a job. There are lots of jobs in the sector with large amount of money. If you have interest in inventing new things, then you can make a bright future in the arena.

Source: Jashan Deep Singh, HT Campus Specialist

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