High Fee, Poor Infrastructure Leave 2000 MBBS Seats Vacant in Medical Colleges

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 29 Nov 2016

Poor quality of faculty and infrastructure leading to around 2000 vacant seats in MBBS colleges. Read further to know more.

High Fee, Poor Infrastructure Leave 2000 MBBS Seat

Even though the country has a shortage of colleges offering MBBS, close to 2078 seats went empty in 83 of India's 417 government and private medical colleges in 2016. As compared to last year where the number of vacant seats was merely 28, this is a remarkable jump.

According to reports, out of a total of 58,826 MBBS seats, only 56,748 seats were filled, leaving as many as 2078 vacant seats. Of the 83 colleges, around four colleges were able to fill only 15% of the sanctioned seats. Close to 130 seats were still vacant in each college.

As per experts, there is a need to launch quality colleges since many new medical institutes lack even basic amenities. They believe that due to poor infrastructure and lack of qualified faculty, students are rejecting certain institutes.

Dr KK Aggarwal, president-elect of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) quoted that good colleges are in demand, but since colleges fail to live up to the expectations, students reject them.

Gaurav Sharma, MCI lawyer explained another reason for this. Since the Supreme Court removed the management quota from most colleges, the private colleges hiked their fees to an extent that many students were not able to afford it. As compared to last year where the annual fee ranged from 7 to 10 lakh, this year colleges have increased it by 80% to 100%.

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