Hindi Day Celebrated with Fervour at Central University of Jharkhand

HTCampus Expert updated on : 19 Sep 2016

Jharkhand Women's Commission Chairperson and eminent litterateur Dr. Mahua Majhi graced the event on Hindi Day at CUJ.

Jharkhand Women's Commission Chairperson and eminent litterateur Dr. Mahua Majhi by speaking on the occasion of Hindi Day at the Central University of Jharkhand emphasised on the importance of Hindi language.
“Hindi is the language of our pride and identity. The Indian values and culture, your language, go away, go away. We are copying the western world's most scientific language is Hindi. Is written as the same is spoken. Translated into other languages for the development of Hindi, Hindi is also required”, he said. During his session, he expressed his agony and also astonished to see that the famous movie actors in India especially Hindi movie actors, whenever to give an interview, they always speak English or prefer to adopt this language rather speak in Hindi.
Dr. Chancellor of the Central University of Jharkhand. Nand Kumar Yadav Indu speaking on the occasion said that many countries in the world such as Germany, China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, etc., work in their own language. Advances in science and technology are impossible without language. English furred sheet aside, Swabhasha would arouse the sense of pride. If India is to reach the majority will adopt Swabhasha.
Festival guest, Hindi department of Ranchi University prof. V. V. N. Pandey said that people in the South are learning Hindi. The strength of the English royalty in the country have been implemented. While Hindi is increasing its force further. Hindi is a fact of Indian life. Jansatta royalty and for the development of any language must come together.
Based on Hindi language various competitions were also hosted and winners were awarded during the ceremony.
Source: Pratik Uday, HTCampus Specialist 

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