A Holistic Approach to Management: Tete-e-tete with Dr. Swati Lodha, Director - AIMSR, Mumbai

Jayita Ekka updated on : 25 Feb 2016

Management studies range from soft skills to technical know-how, with corporate interaction to top it.

AIMSR Director Dr. Swati Lodha

Dr. Swati Lodha is a Ph.D holder and an outstanding educationist with 16 years of experience as Founder/ Director of reputed institutes of management with numerous publications, research presentations and lectures/conferences on varied issues on education and development. She is also an author and her latest book, Moon Parenting released in 2014. Previous books include ‘Come on! Get, Set, Go'  and Why Women Are What They Are” on self-management. She has also presented papers titled, 'E-Commerce and Changing Marketing Strategies” at National Conference at K.J. Somaiya College, Mumbai, 2008 & “Exit Interview – The increasing importance” at Management Conclave 2010 at Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur, 2010. 


She is currently working as Director, Aditya Institute of Management Studies And Research since 2012.

A Writer, Speaker, Coach, Head of institutes; such a motivation you are! What inspires you?

“If you change one person, you change one world” This keeps me inspired.

Having being a Founder as well as Dean of an educational institute, what major differences have you come across in the operational process?

The operational processes are changing as the number of educational institutes increase but the end result of providing quality education remains same.

Over the years, the strategy of management education has drastically changed. What major patterns / changes have you seen? And foresee?

Management education is undergoing a sea change as technology is creeping into corner of our life. I foresee a borderless education system which will provide more opportunities and freedom.

Has the way a student consumes education changed as well? How?

The word consume says it all. Earlier students were not consumers, now they are…. to some extent.

Tell us 3 USP’s of AIMSR, Mumbai.

They are:

  • Innovation - Our innovating teaching techniques are a class apart.
  • Entrepreneurship – We are incubating ideas and in process of starting campus companies.
  • Student development – Our student from Sem II has got a PPO with CTC of Rs 10 Lacs due to constant mentoring & support of our Marketing department.


You founded the ‘Foundation Induction Programme’ for MBA students. Tell us about it. Which category of MBA students does this programme help?

Foundation Program is an acclimatization program which helps all MBA aspirants in different ways. It offers something to every student – ranging from soft skills to technical know-how with corporate interaction to top it all.


Having worked as the head of a management institute in a Tier II city and currently heading an institute in a Tier I city, would you agree the dynamics differ in terms of education and students?

There is no difference in terms of students. There are more opportunities in bigger cities for employment and self development.

With Entrepreneurship big in India now, would you say that having an MBA degree helps students make it a success?

Education certainly helps in opening up your mind and it allows you to think big, be receptive to challenges which are important for entrepreneurship. 

Regular MBA/ PGDM vs Executive MBA vs Entrepreneurship, what, according to you should a student choose?

It entirely depends on a student’s choice and preference. 

What should be the basis of selection of a B-school for a student, apart from their entrance exam scores?

Student should choose the best fit according to his needs and aspirations. He/she should not follow the herd but align the institute offerings with his/her ambitions.

About Dr. Swati Lodha:

She was the Chief Incubation Officer at MDI, Gurgaon in March 2011 to set up the INCUBATION CELL. She has also been a Founder Director of Jodhpur Institute of Management, Jodhpur, in 2002.  In addition to this, she has also been an academic head in the capacity of Dean, Faculty of Management, Jodhpur National University, formed in 2008.

Dr. Lodha’s philanthropic nature is evident from Swash PD Pvt. Ltd., which she founded in 1997. Swash offers Personality Grooming courses certified by Harding University, School of Business, USA. As a connoisseur in Management, Dr. Lodha has also launched the unique “Foundation Induction Program” for MBA students.


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