How can an average student crack CAT 2017?

Rajat updated on : 14 Sep 2017

If you are an average student and facing issues in preparing for CAT 2017, check this post to find out how can an average student crack CAT exam.

How can an average student crack CAT 2017

The most important priority of any MBA aspirant is to crack CAT (Common Admission Test). There are MBA aspirants who cracked entrance examination in their very first attempt. The other side, there are those who were not able to get through it. There are students who couldn’t crack even after yearlong preparation for CAT while some students cleared this exam with not that much preparation. It depends on us how we do it. It’s not like that every time only intelligent students will get through it, at times an average student too can perform well. But again, being an average student, there are many things one needs to keep in mind while preparing for CAT 2017. So, the question comes, “Can an average student crack CAT?”

CAT is no doubt a difficult exam but this exam can be cleared. Every year lakhs of students appear in IIM common admission test. And there’s a fierce competition among the students. It has become a misconception that only those who are born intelligent or IITians with 90+ percentage can clear CAT while both intelligent and not so intelligent students get calls from IIMs.

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So let's have a look at the strategies which an average student needs to crack CAT 2017. This year, IIM Lucknow will be conducting this management entrance test. 

How can an average student crack CAT 2017? 

There are always ways to do anything which others have doubted. No matter, if you are mediocre in your academics, you can still get through CAT with a clear cut strategy and smart work. You can find tons of CAT preparation tips and how to successfully ace CAT exam. As already mentioned, it is all about how smartly you act in examination hall. A lot has been spoken about mathematics which is considered to be little tough, but most of the questions can be easily solved. The real difference lies in the time consumed while attempting these tricky questions.

1.       A proper time management approach is the best way to get through IIM entrance exam. Time management is a helpful tool for the average students and is a great way to crack the CAT exam 2017. In the words of CAT 2015 topper Nishant Shah,

“CAT is not difficult; it’s all about time management”

2.       Prepare yourself for the three major sections (verbal, quant and DI). Maths can be little time consuming and can be challenging for students who aren’t from engineering background. Here, smart work will help you a lot. The time consuming calculations need great practice and easier tricks to solve them. Dividing time for every section and proceeding further accordingly can improve your CAT score.

3.       It is always advisable for you to prepare a well-structured action plan for getting through MBA admission exam. You should first analyse your strength and weakness. Analyse your potential for all the three major sections which will give you a hint as where to invest more time and resources. After analysing your weak and strong points, you should move with proper action accordingly so that you can give every section desired attention.

4.       No doubt, practice makes a man perfect. Everyday practice is a must, even if you are good at any topic. An everyday practice keeps you charged and focused so that you can score well in MBA admission test.  Following a well –structured strategic planning is all what an average student needs to crack CAT 2017, which is almost 5 months away now. Important dates related to CAT 2017 will be out by next week.

5.       It is good to attempt the Non MCQs as there is no negative marking for them. These are the questions which are to be solved for right answer. These questions also check the way you approach your final answer. So, without any fear of mark deduction in CAT exam 2017, you just answer all the non MCQs.

6.       Mock tests will make your foundation strong. Thus, keep practising CAT mock tests so that you can get enough insights. Mock tests for IIM entrance test is also a wonderful way, an average student can go for. Keeping a good track of study material is also helpful for students with not so strong academic background.

7.       I would love to advise you to go through the academic books of 8th, 9th and 10th. Much of common entrance exam for IIMs is derived from those books as there is no predefined CAT syllabus. Students usually don’t focus that much, but this is a personal recommendation that I would love to give to everyone.

If you consider yourself an average student, the very first thing you need to do is to remove this mental block and start preparing strategically for CAT 2017. Cracking the most popular MBA entrance exam is more about your exam strategy and proper time management in exam. Because these days, everyone is aware of CAT exam pattern, so level of difficulty has increased because of large number of MBA aspirants appearing for the exam. Cracking common admission test and scoring good percentile has become a game of smart work more than hard work. Yes, hard work counts but it is your smart work which takes you to the next step. Thus, you need to act smartly when you sit in examination hall attempting your CAT questions. 

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